2021 Books

Name of the Wind

Digital Minimalism

Get Out of your Head

Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

Wise Mans Fear

Midnight Library

The Mothers


A Discover of Witches

Shadow of Night

Book of Life

Lost connections

The Charm School

Good Food for Life

Mistborn: Final Empire

Make Time

Mistborn: Well of Asention

Mistborn: Hero of Ages


The Starless Sea

Precious Little Sleep

Garlic & Sapphires

A State of Fear


Happiness - Gretchen Reuben

Power of Geography

Tiny Habits

Prisoners of Geography

The Actors Life (Jenna Fischer)

168 Hours 

Emotional Agility

What successful people do on weekends

Once & Future Witches

Why we eat too much

Invisible life of Addie LaRoux

Off the Clock

Thinking fast and slow

Lion Temptress Soldier Spy


Sieze the Daylight

Hero of Two Worlds


Next Right Thing

Where the Crawdads Sing

The Circle

The Parade

Once Upon a Broken Hear

Let your Mind Run

(48 Books read in 2021)

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