September 18, 2023

Monday dispatches

Somehow it is Monday again.  It's difficult for me to not quantify my life stuff as related to being pregnant, but I imagine no one came here to read a pregnancy blog either.  The main numbers running through my head are:

5 weeks to go until the babies are evicted

3.5 weeks left of work

3 weeks to Isaac's birthday party (my last planned social engagement)

My maternity cover at work is doing amazing, which is exciting, helpful, and makes me feel a bit left out and sad.  It's the first time I've ever worried that a cover will be better than me... because I strategically didn't have covers for my last two mat leaves.  I just gave work to already busy people who I didn't have to train, and everyone was very happy when I came back.

In really random news, the other morning this grew from one of my house plants:

Umm, what are those mushrooms?  How did they get there?  How did they grow overnight?  I didn't realize how creepy mushrooms are but they are, in fact, very creepy.

Today I did 2 hours of walking, which is the most movement I've done for a while. I'm supposed to have a walking lunch date with a friend tomorrow but the weather is looking particularly dire: 
None of my rain jackets currently close and I am so close to never being pregnant again that I'm fully resisting trying to get a jacket.  Sadly my husbands jackets don't fit me either.  I considered wearing a bin bag but decided that's a step too far.

Yesterday I finished Happy Place by Emily Henry.  I'm not 100% on it... I did enjoy it but also maybe I wasn't so much into the lovey-dovey "I can't live without you" narrative.  But I can't really blame Henry for that since that is what she writes.  Also, there were 6 characters and I couldn't always tell them apart until the end.  This may be because I mostly read the book at night when I couldn't sleep, which meant a lot of stop and start 2-4am reading slots.

Today has not been a focused day in work after a very poor night of sleep.  Hoping for a better night of sleep tonight.  Although I am close to the end in work I am not done yet and I have things I want to do (and want to do well) before I log off.  

The end of work may be nigh but I would like to feel good about the work I do until then


  1. Yes, it's Monday again, how did that happen? Look, you're about to have TWINS so I don't think it's possible to see your life through any other lens right now. The countdown is on!

    My boss will be coming back to work soon from her 10 month MAT leave and I'm excited for her to come back. I want to return the favor she did me with the training to give her the work back in as good a shape as she left it. It's one of the few things that I'm looking forward to at work.

    1. Aww that's really good to hear - I bet your boss will really appreciate you getting things in good shape! I'm really enjoying the maternity handover and looking forward to seeing what improvements my cover makes while I'm away.

  2. I have had the whole "mushroom growing in my plant" thing before. It is ODD!

    5 weeks to go until the babies are evicted - this made me laugh.

    Also your comment about wearing a bin bag but that being a step too far. I loved those notes of levity in my day <3

    You're nearly there and I can't wait to hear all about the final weeks of life before the twins arrive!!!

  3. I see nothing wrong with a bin bag, but you could just use one of those emergency ponchos! I have used them backpacking and they fit over me and my pack with no issues!

    I get what you are saying about wanting to leave things good for people when you are gone; I have a hard time with those last days of a job though, as you kind of work yourself out of a job on purpose and then the last several days you are kind of just waiting to leave! We used to call that short timers disease.

    1. Andy suggested a poncho as well! I don't have any - we used to get them at races and events but I haven't done an event in so long. I definitely will have short timers disease soon... I think in my mind leave doesn't start till October... but October is actually 6 working days away!

  4. Oh, my gosh! I can't believe it's only five weeks out. You got this!!

  5. How are you already 5 weeks out from delivery? This pregnancy went really fast (at least for me LOL).