September 9, 2023

September Saturday

We are currently having a heat wave in Wales, which is crazy since it rained basically all of July and August (or at least felt like it was raining all of July and August).  It's currently 26c/79f.  This is very hot for Wales, and especially hot for a person in their third trimester twin pregnancy.  I blame the heat for my last of blogging, and also for everything else.  Thankfully it's meant to cool off tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to.

Being late-stage pregnant is an interesting experiment for me in lowered expectations.  I know I recently read and didn't particularly rate How to Keep House While Drowning but I have been recently lowering my standards a lot for the house.  For instance, if I had more energy right now I would be washing and changing my bedsheets.  I would be wiping the very dusty window sills in the kids room and sweeping our kitchen floor.  I would be sorting the baby room out, which the kids have turned into chaos by filling it with every teddy and baby doll in the house.

I did rather foolishly try to get a rug outside to get some sun and try to beat clean.  It turns out rugs are heavy. Now this is my lounge:

However there are many good things about today/life:

  • My dad is visiting us this week and it's been fun having him around
  • The kids are playing really nicely together. 
  • We are going to fill up the paddling pool and have a garden-picnic when Andy gets home from the shop.
  • I slept from 8:30pm through to 3:30am yesterday and then intermittently onwards to 6am. 
  • Our new dishwasher works and has this super cool feature where the door opens when it's done washing so the dishes can dry
  • I started getting B12 shots from the doctor as they caught another form of anemia and I'm hoping this brings my energy levels up a bit
  • My maternity cover at work is picking things up so quickly and I really enjoy working with her
  • Our food plan is going well, and even though my limited energy and desire to eat better has caused an increase in the cost of groceries we can absorb that cost
  • Isaac's first week of school went well
  • I own enough fans to make the heat tolerable
  • Even though it's hot I can still tumble dry a load of tiny person clothes rather than pegging out 100 things on the line
What is good in your life right now?


  1. ALL is well but holy overwhelm!! More here:

    That is a wonderful feature to have for a dishwasher. Whenever I open mine it hits you in a face with hot air lol

  2. Heat can be stressful, but I am glad you're having a lot of good things going on, including your dad visiting. Yay!

  3. Hang in there mama! Now in general I like having a clean house which of course means that I'm the one doing the cleaning to get it that way...BUT every once in a while I SKIP CLEANING and let it go until the next week. So far the world has not ended.

  4. Oh, you can do it! The heat won't last forever, I promise!!