May 12, 2024

Warm Weather and The Great 2024 Wardrobe Project.

It's finally warm! Yesterday it was 75f/25c degrees, which is about as hot as I like it.  The UK is not made for warm weather and when it's any hotter than 75 it looks like a wasteland, unless you're on the beach, and then it's just super crowded.  

Anyways, on Friday I was HOT.  As part of my goal to only have clothes that fit I have been meticulously going through my wardrobe and getting rid of clothes.  I had about 10 warm cotton teeshirts and long sleeved shirts from a specific brand that I had LOVED, but I realised they were all from pre-babies, which meant they were at least 6 years old right now.  Plus I realised I LOVED those shirts, but I didn't love them anymore.  They didn't really flatter and they weren't the right colours.  They went to the charity shop.

Unfortunately it turns out in the process of getting rid of everything that doesn't fit I had gotten rid of all my tank tops/vest tops.  I also have had only 1 summer in the last 6 years where I was not pregnant or nursing a baby.  So this probably accounts for my exceptionally poor selection of summer clothes - i certainly haven't bought any new summer clothes in the last 6 years.  In fact, the last time I bought anything for summer was when we lived in the USA in 2015. 

Instead of waiting for this problem to magically resolve (my general clothing tactic) I set a 20 minute timer and filled an online basket with some summer tops.  In a few days I will have a number of tops arrive, and hopefully I can keep one or two and then I can send the rest back.

The great closet project of 2024 continues.  My goal is to have only clothes that fit and that I want to wear in my closet at the end of this year.  For full transparency, here is my starting closet situation:
Andy and I share a closet.  The right 25% is his. the left 75% is mine. 

I also have two drawers of this, but I didn't take a photo because they contain my unmentionables!  Also they are very messy.  The top circled drawer has shorts, trousers, socks, underwear, tights, and socks.  The bottom drawer just has sports clothes:
The small top drawer has random makeup stuff in it right now and not clothes.  It used to have clothes.  That space could be better used.

I have two favourite shirts - a green one and a grey one.  I like them because they are soft and flattering.  I don't wear them because they need ironing.

I own a lot of striped shirts, and I'm not sure why.  I don't think stripes look that good on me, but it seems better than solid colours.

I don't own any pattered shirts, but I do own some pattered dresses, which I do like to wear sometimes.  Especially to work.

I'm looking forward to my new shirts arriving.  For living in a dark wet country I sure wear a lot of dark uninspiring colours.

In other news, here is a baby that is not loving the end of fish pie dinner and wants more fish pie dinner and less fish pie face photos:
Do you wear prints or solid colours? Do you have a favourite colour of clothing?  Striped shirts, yay or nay?


  1. Wait. This is all your clothes? Or you have clothes in drawers somewhere too? This blows my mind. I mean, in a good way- I have way too many clothes and yet am still always somehow unsatisfied with my wardrobe, so…. I guess we just can’t win. Ha. I cannot imagine having that small amount of clothes! It must be freeing to not have so many decisions all the time. I love the goal of having only clothes that fit and you like in the closet. I have too many things that are “pretty good” but not perfect (like they are generally fine but maybe just “slightly” off the mark in one way or another - fit, style, color, whatever). So they’re mostly okay, but this one little thing that’s off bugs me just mildly when I wear them. I struggle to remedy this because again, most things are generally fine! So it feels wasteful to get rid or replace in this case… gah. Clothing is annoying!

    1. Oh I forgot a photo of the drawers! But yes I know I don't have a lot of clothes, but I still feel like I don't really wear everything I own. My project isn't just about purging clothes - I will definitely need some new pieces to make a rounded wardrobe.

      I totally understand your predicament - having lots of clothes that mostly fit is harder than having fewer clothes that don't fit. Because yes - if it fits and you wear it then there really isn't a reason to get rid of it.

      You have great style and I'm always inspired by your outfit posts!

  2. I love a good stripped shirt!

    Last year I went on a mission to get rid of all of the clothes that no longer fit due to weight gain, and I swear that I did but somehow I still have a bunch of clothes and it feels like I only wear a few things and everything else is just sitting in the dresser. So that math isn't mathing. Sigh. And then I've lost most of the weight so now I need to get rid of a few tops that are too big...oh well it's a good problem to have.

  3. I have both solids and patterns. I mostly wear dresses, so the only difference to me is whether or not I can wear a good scarf with it. I'm currently looking for a plain white scarf and a plain black scarf so that I can wear them with any of my dresses.

    I have really been strict about my wardrobe and I have very few pieces I don't love. I do have a long-sleeve shirt or two that aren't my absolute favorites (and a couple of long-sleeve shirts that are started to get old and fade and/or pill), but finding long-sleeve shirts is really hard for me.

    I'm happy to hear you're being intentional about your wardrobe, though - it will make getting dressed in the morning so much easier.

  4. I usually love patterned pants/skirts and solid tops, not the other way around :)