July 29, 2013

Brewer Half's Half Brewed Reviews - A very special Three Peaks Challenge by the Tudor Brewery

It's the beer-drinking one, again. 

I was perusing my local beer shop for something tasty to drink to celebrate the start of another weekend, when I spotted this trio of beers from the Tudor Brewery near Abergavenny. I immediately though this would make a good drinking alternative to the Three Peaks Challenge (which Rachel has already blogged). This time, however I planned to complete the challenge. I also planned to save this for another day, when I noticed in large text on the back of one of the bottles, "If not now, when?" I decided to start right away. 

Peak 1 - The Blorenge - 3.8%

This is an addictively refreshing beer. It's light, bubbly, and full of floral hop flavour.

Once the flavour had subsided, I set off on the second peak 

Peak 2 - The Sugar Loaf - 4.7%

My initial reaction to this beer was that, unlike it's namesake, it doesn't have much of a peak. However, I quickly warmed to it - this brown ale has a gentle blend of hop and dark malt flavours that goes down very smoothly. I'm sure I could drink a lot of this beer. 

Ignoring suggestions from my more sensible half that it might be time to turn back, I pressed on to the third peak.

Peak 3 - The Skirrid - 4.2%


Again, I was initially disappointed with this beer. 

Flavours are muted behind a gentle biterness. Each mouthful hints at citrus flavours before fading to a pleasant tingling bitterness. 

Not very distinctive. Quite fizzy/carbonated. 

Very drinkable - was gone before I noticed it!

In conclusion, this has been a gentle stroll around three styles of ale. Apart from the refreshing hoppyness of the Blorenge, none had especially distinctive features. I think I drank them in inverse order of enjoyment. 

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