July 4, 2013


I'm updating from a tent!

Luxembourg is super pretty!

We have done 2 days of biking. It's not really mountain biking and we should have brought road bikes, but it is very well marked and circular!

Brewer half is disappointed at the flatness and paved-ness of this mountain bike trail.

Our campsite has a stream through the middle. How awesome is that!!??

And tonight we made the
Most incredible camping stove dinner ever

Just threw together some
BBQ chicken and german sausage In a mushroom and tomato sauce.

We are missing some camping essentials and I have some
Tent jealousy, brewer half does
not like big tents but I don't
Like being rained on. We both like this a lot tho

Perhaps we will get/make one for our next adventure! Scotland in september?

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