July 2, 2013

Hello from luxembourg

I'm posting from my phone while sitting by a campsite in Luxembourg. This is pretty sweet. The BBQ is heading up right now.

Soon we will have some tasty tasty burgers. And grilled zucchini, because eating veggies while camping takes some serious work!
Today at aldi we went camping shopping. I saw these trader joes items:

How strange! I also checked the freezer section and was excited to see frozen escargot

We are staying at an adorable campsite in the north of luxembourg, and spending our evenings drinking fine Belgium beer chilled in a river

Our tent is the smallest one, but it is still awesome

And that's the story of Rachel in wales in luxembourg!

1 comment:

  1. That is the prettiest campsite I have ever seen. Are you sure you're not camped out in someone's backyard? Be honest...