August 6, 2013

Cycling in Denmark - Bike Faff that is so worth it.

On Saturday I left for a week long trip to Denmark with work.  I brought a bike with me this time, which involved learning the basic mechanics of my bike.  I had to take the wheels, stem, and pedals off for transit.  After a 45 minute oily mess I got the bike back together:
On Monday I went for my first cycle in Denmark. Denmark is awesome.  It is pretty flat but green and interesting.  We are staying right on the water, so I get to cycle the coast road with loads of other cyclists.  There are loads of people on nice bikes - more time trial setups than I've ever seen. There were loads of cute houses but I only took this fairly average photo:
When I'm away with work we have very long hours - 8am to 10pm usually.  On Monday I got up at 6am for a ride and just did an easy 20 miles down the coast and back again.

This morning I got up at 6 again and did 25 miles in 1hr 40, which is very slow but I think the tiredness is kicking in.

On the way I passed Louisiana!
I wish I had days to cycle here - I would love to do a long ride!  Unfortunately I probably will not get that opportunity, so my trips up and down the coast will have to suffice.  It's very handy staying on the coast - I definitely won't get lost!

I even managed to take a ridiculous cycling "selfie" on the ride this morning.
Fact: I need a better helmet.  MTB helmet and Road bike is such a faux pas!!

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