August 16, 2013

More Running! The Great Orme, North Wales, and a proper rest day

My 4 days in North wales went quickly and slowly.  I got 2 nice long runs in - the first was to Conwy castle and the second was up the Great Orme.  Well I mostly walked up the Great Orme, because running up a mountain is super hard and way harder than running on a road.

The Great Orme is this random bit of lump on the coast of North Wales.  It is kind of nice looking
I planned on running the flat bit on the bottom but I got to this building and wanted to go up
The view from the top was awesome but the clouds started to come in, and also my photo is kind of overexposed...
It was also mega windy.  I tried to take a picture of me but my hair looks CRAZY!  Also I was worried I would drop my phone off the mountain
It started to rain a lot on my way back, and when I got back to the hotel I was properly sploshing through the lobby.  I was also worried about being late as I had a really bad stitch.  I keep getting bad stitches on my right side, I don't know why but it is super annoying!

After breakfast I went for a cheeky little swim and did 20 minutes of laps, alternating between steady strokes and occasional sprints.  The pool was pretty small (18 meters maybe?) so it was hard to get my pace right.

I had 36 hours back home in Cardiff before I set off again. Wednesday and Thursday were my rest days, but today I managed to go for a little 3 mile run before bed.  Speaking of that, it's 10:15pm and it's time for my sleep so I can get my 6am cycle on in the morning!!

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