August 10, 2013

Goodbye Denmark!

Today is my last day in Denmark.  It's been good here - I managed 5 rides in 7 days.  It's been awesome to finish 20 miles by 8am every day, but I don't think I can keep going to bed by 10pm to make the 6am wake up calls possible when I'm back in the UK.  I've packed up the bike now into it's fancy travel box and this evening we fly back to the UK.  Bike goes back to Cardiff and I go up to North Wales for another work-adventure - but this time at a hotel with a gym.  Yippee!

It only rained 1 morning but I think that was better than the heat - I was doing a good 19mph average.  I came home very muddy tho!
 I cycled past this weird store every day.  I'm not sure what they sell but it scared me the first time - looked like people stuck in a glass bird cage!
These cows also kept me company in the mornings

This was one of my favourite parts of the cycle.  Big long roads stretching flat and far. Intermittent trees for interval sprints (not that I did many!) and blue skies.  I wish I had hours to cycle in Denmark!
On one of the days we went into Copenhagen and I saw this copy of lady and the tramp.  I thought the translation was funny, but "Tramp" is kind of a funny word anyways!
I did get 110 miles done this week, which is really good, but I just wish I could do more.  One of the mornings I found some other cyclists and we had a mini chain-gang.  Cycling with others is much more fun than cycling alone.  I also noticed I was easily doing 22mph when I cycled other people whereas I was often pushing slowly when by myself.  It wasn't just the benefit of drafting - it was the benefit of trying to keep up!

Oh and I got a Queen of the Mountain!! That's right Denmark, Ajax riders are coming for your Queen! (of the mountain).

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