September 1, 2013

August Recap

August was a strange month.

I started focused and dedicated.  I cycled a lot. I cycled in Denmark. It was interesting and exciting
I went to North wales with work, and I ran up and down and all around and it was good.

Then, I started a fairly major work project in Swansea.
Suddenly I didn't have time anymore, for me, for sports, for anything.
I clocked 187 hours of unpaid overtime in August.
(photo is illustrative of how August felt)
I was away 29 out of 31 days.

I used the hotel gym a little, went for a few rides and a few runs, but nothing major, and not at the frequency or intensity I wanted.

I cycled 172 miles in August, which is 143 less than July.

I ran 24 miles in August, which is 21 more than July

September should be an interesting month - I have the Forrest of Dean Duathlon on the 15th, and I'm preparing for the Cardiff Half marathon on the 6th October.

Time for training!

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