November 5, 2013

Weekend in North Wales - Exploring Angelsey (and I saw a Seal)!

The other week I went to North Wales to visit Abi
I have decided Abi is my fake little sister because when my mom saw pictures of Abi she thought it was me.  Also we own the same Jackets, so she is actually my fake twin jacket sister also.
We went for a driving adventure! It was raining in the beginning but we looked at some boats
Then we found the coastal path!
We saw Dolphins and Seals. I tried to take a photo
There was a house built right on rocks.  I imagine the floor is all jagged inside and maybe even has tide pools!
No, I clearly don' know what a tide pool is.  But I took some photos of grass or seaweeds or whatever this stuff is
I always wish those plants tasted like jelly beans because the kind of look like jelly beans. I didn't taste it but I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to eat it.

Also we saw this hotel that looked impressive
Then I drove home and it took 4 hours.  North wales is awesome but it is soooo far away.  That is probably why it is so awesome.

Also awesome, Abi walking up stairs.  She had her knee bone chopped apart by a doctor and she couldn't bend her knee, but now she is a total bender all the time.  Bodies are gross! I have  a super gross collage of her surgeries knee but I will not post it right now because maybe you don't want to see it or are eating lunch or area already operating on someone else's knee and don't want to get confused.

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