November 10, 2013

Crossfit Central London - My first cross fit experience!

While In London my Aunt convinced me to try Crossfit.  I've avoided cross fit so far because I think I will really like it and I didn't have enough time to add a new thing I like to my schedule!

We booked ourselves into a class, my Aunt had done cross fit loads so she had a poke around the gym, there were lots of cool looking structures and work-out tools

Photo 7

Photo 6

I was soo excited to see a rope! I quicly had a climb, and for some reason fell semi-naturally into a russian climb instead of a typical rope climb, which meant a super strong cross fit girl asked me how I learned to climb!  I felt so cool!

Photo 8

Photo 9

The WOD (or workout of the day) started with an "inchworm" which was a sort of straight legged push up to plank to downward facing dog and back again.  It was hard!

Then we did some squats.  And finanally the actual WOD started, and we did 21 weighted squats, then 21 ring dips.  Then 15/15, 7/7, 3/3 or something like that.  To be honest I got a bit distracted and just wanted to play on all the things!  I was pretty bad at squatting and the coach kept yelling at me to squeeze my knees out.  My dumb shoulder was playing up so eventually i dropped the bar and just did normal un-weighted squats

The dips were fun, I used  rubber band to make them easier

Photo 4

At the end of it I did 10 Burpees, because apparently I was supposed to yell "TIME" when i finished, but I had gotten so lost in the counting that I couldn't really tell when I was done.  It was hard! so I did the Burpees instead.

Finally the told us to do 100 sit ups.  that was hard as well!  It seemed to take ages.

I really just wanted to be back on the rope

Photo 10

All in all it was really fun and I'll hopefully be trying cross fit in Cardiff soon, and i'll also hopefully be re-joining circus ropes & silks classes at No Fit State soon too!

Crossfit Central London

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