November 3, 2013

Weekend In London - Eating all the things then looking at all the other things

This weekend Brewer half and I headed to London for a weekend getaway.  We got in on Friday night and quickly ventured to Camden Brewery for their brewery bar evening.  They had a guest burgers from Motherflipper Burgers, which is the absolute best burger I have ever eaten in my life.  It was so good, I'll probably have to write about it separately.
On Saturday morning we walked around london for ages looking at things.  One of the things we saw was the Ralpha Store.  Sometimes I wonder how I can spend more money on cycling and also look so much cooler for the money I'm spending, and Ralpha is the answer
London Weekend 2
So many shiny things! I especially like the marino wool jumper.  That color would be so nice on me! and at only £130 it's a bargain to look so cool!

They also had a cafe in the store, and water bottles for £10, and cycling books to read.  I wish I was cool enough to be in there, but I felt like a proper punter so i got back on my Borris bike and cycled on.

We cycled to Regent Street, where there was a classic car show! Classic cars are kind of boring but Brewer Half loves them and I love old things so old cars kind of count.  I did my favorite thing of watching good photographers take photos and then standing exactly where they stood and taking the same photos.  Look!
London Weekend 1
I liked this classic car with the very classic Cats eye bike light.  I turned the photo sepia so it would look much older; sepia is the oldest off all the photo-editing auto features!
We also saw a penny farthing.  I love a penny farthing! Someday I hope I can ride one, but I don't know where one borrows a penny farthing to learn to ride it?
Then we went to the Grant Museum of Zoology, which had loads of skeletons and things in jelly.  This elephant skull was massive!
Actually at the museum I learned that elephants only have 4 teeth so this was not an elephant.  I don't know what it is.

There were skeletons watching me watch the skeletons.
Skeleton party!
All day I was obsessed with street food, to the point that I sounded like I was after some sort of drug.  "Is that Kimchi? Where is a burrito? I was Pho!" This was me, all day.  I couldn't figure out how to find street food but brewer half and I had tickets to Spamalot so we headed to the theatre and I hope that I could find something to eat near the theatre.

And find something I did!  I found the most amazing street food fayre! I can't remember the name of it, but it was amazing. We ate all the things
London Weekend
That's a salt beef bagel, a kati roll, and churros.  Jewish Mexican Asian food.  Nom nom nom!

After dinner we saw Spamlot, which was very silly and very fun.
It was an epic day in London! I forgot to mention the beers we enjoyed, we tried The Porterhouse and selections from Craft Beer Rising on Saturday, Camden and Brewdog on Friday. Beers are average £4 in London, eek! But sometimes (often times) it is Oh-So-Worth-It!

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