September 28, 2022

Wednesday - to Bath and Back

 It's my fifth week of commuting to Bath.  I only go once a week.  It's a long commute - 2 hours door to door. 

Last week I realized I forgot to look up and appreciate how lucky I am to work in Bath.  

It's so pretty.  I get to take the train.  I get to read.  

I get free lunch provided by my company!

Today I was feeling sluggish at 4pm when I realized I could see the top of Bath Abby from my desk.

On the train I started reading The End of Absence.  It's good and sad and weird reading a book about the internet from 2014.  It's a reminder that the pace of change far outstrips anything we've experienced before as a society.  The author says that anyone born before 1985 is the straddle generation - anyone after had internet for too long.  I think that's accurate, even people 2 years younger than me had facebook for their entire college experience.  

While correlation does not mean causation, I am so certain that my increased anxiety and depression in my Junior year of college is linked directly with my college gaining early access to Facebook.

Even I have become too addicted to entertainment again, I love my podcasts and audiobooks.  I finished book 2 of the Expanse series today.  Another 22 hours of my life to James Corey.  
After book 1 I was going to stop listening.  The end of book 2 grantees I'm going to be listening to book 3.  The narrator is great, and the chapters are all about 20 minutes long, so even though it's 22 hours it's very easy listening.  Much easier than Thinking Fast and Slow, which was some dang hard listening (but also a great book).

I am looking forward to Working from Home tomorrow.  Much laundry to do, and slow cooker pinto bean chili for dinner.  Yum.

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