September 26, 2022

The Best Weekend - September 2022.

I am wondering, does knowing you're having the best time, with kids at the best age, make it better than experiencing the same thing without knowing it?

For example, I never pegged myself as a particularly good athlete, and then I read back a bit, and I actually was pretty good!  Not world record good, not even competitively good, but definitely good.

And now I find myself in parts of life that are just so enjoyable.  But this time, I am so very aware of how enjoyable they are.  Perhaps that's what (late) 30s is about?

Friday was beers and lasagne night, with a long and enjoyable FLOM (Family Logistics and Operational Meeting)

Saturday morning was off to Dirt Farm for their ladies day.  Oh my gosh was it a good day.  It was beautiful, the uplift was amazing and I GOT AIR which is great because I am a forever roller of things.

I met these two amazing ladies at the Bike Park Wales day a few weeks ago.  One of the bummers about having kids with your mountain biking buddy is that you loose your mountain biking buddy... and I didn't have other MTB buddies.  So, now I found some, and I am very happy for this

And then I headed home for pasta bake and kid time.  We had the inaugural fire pit fire.  The kids were very excited.

Sunday was kid day while Andy went to Cwmcarn for a ride with Dave and Ceri.  The kids were on top form.  They played by themselves.  Here's Isaac "keeping an eye on Lilah"

We also had some drawing time:

And finally, dinner was burgers outside next to the fire, because fire pits and family are the best:

I'm currently plodding my way to the end of the stoicism book.  Perhaps my new found appreciation for things is a bit correlated with that book?  I have some thoughts on it.  But that's for anther post, as it's 6:30 and I'm sure the pitter patter of thumping feet will sound soon.

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