April 5, 2024

Hello April!

When the twins were born, Andy and I often commented that April would be the start of the good times.  I had hoped that good times would start earlier, but April seemed reasonable and far away.  March was not the worst, but I have a feeing we really are at the start of the good times. 

Fun things for April:
  • My Aunt visiting for a week
  • Trips to museums and National Trust sites
  • Babies are possible to take out for the day, kids are also able to go out for long periods of time. A short lived glimpse into the season of adventure
  • Lighter nights & mornings
  • Not having the heating on and getting fresh air in the house!
I've started some mini goals as well for April:
  • Read 5 books
  • Get a blood test for B12 levels (this will be a blog post for another day!)
  • Regular Pilates (3x Week)
  • Finish Week 4 & 5 of Couch to 5K (I think this is the week I've often given up, but I want to keep going!
  • Take big kids on big kid only adventures (at least 1 each)
  • Cook tasty food with lots of vegetables
As usual, I'm getting the desire to change to a new planner in a new season.  I think this is vaguely legit because my Ashley Shelley from 2023 is sometimes annoying as I'm constantly changing the day to match the date, and using last year's monthly calendar spread is a bit impossible.  Also, I spent 6 months using the schedule for tracking naps and using the boxes for tracking feeds that now I can't really vision much else for it. 
Here are two snapshots of my life:

I gave Isaac a notebook for him to write all his thoughts and ideas in. "That's great" he said, "I have so many thoughts and Ideas." He went away and started writing.  A few minutes later he brought me the book, and it said get a better house "not a new house" he said "just organise and tidy this house"
Last night, as I proclaimed "I need to go to bed earlier!" (it was 9:15) Andy told me that this would be my epitaph.  He pointed to the comedian Spike Milligan, whose tombstone says "I told you I was ill".  My epitaph will read "I need to go to bed earlier".  It seems fitting.

What are you most excited for in April? 


  1. Omg, way harsh Isaac! 😂 But maybe you can channel his energy to organizing and tidying. -Kat

  2. I love how kids just say what they have to say LOL Mine often go "mom, you have so many wrinkles." Yep.

    April... I am most excited about warmer weather and gardening that happens in April in NJ. We are called a garden state for a reason- people take good care of their front and back yards. Many colors as everything starts to flower.

    1. Haha, my toddler is always pointing out the "blue" around my eyes. I.e. my dark circles. And I wonder why I have those! 😆 -Kat