April 23, 2023

Weekend plans, weather, food and some rambling.

This morning, amongst the cold air and threatening rain, I told Andy that this would be some ideal February weather.  I didn't move to Wales for the sun, but it feels like it has been raining or freezing or freezing rain since November.  Even the joke "how about this global warming" is not really a joke - I'm just cold.

Normally we try and only heat the house from October to March, but I'm still putting the heating on in the morning as the house is 59 degrees and I have decided we can heat it to 63.

This weekend we were excited to attend a friends camping birthday party.  It is a bit early season, but as long as it wasn't too cold or wet we were going to give camping a go.  We haven't been camping since the kids were born - we bought a big (for us) tent when I was pregnant with Isaac and intended to do a lot of camping in summer of 2020... but obviously that didn't happen.

Last weekend we (Andy) got the camping kit out, checked it all worked, and started packing and planning
The weather forecast was mixed, but we were still keen on Friday and aiming for a midday Saturday departure.

Unfortunately, Saturday started to look a lot worse, and on Saturday morning the forecast called for heavy rain.  I was still keen, but Andy was the voice of reason and said we probably shouldn't.  When it started raining later that evening, while we were eating dinner in our warm house, I was very thankful I wasn't trying to stay dry and warm outside.  

Of course, this left us with an empty weekend, so this morning we enjoyed the wholesome activity of feeding ducks at the local pond
I am going to a camping festival next weekend (Alone! WOW!) and I am so hoping that the weather changes before then.  This is tiring for April and will be exceptionally tiring in May:
Besides complaints about the weather we have a generally low key week planned with a generally low key meal plan:

Sunday: roast potatoes and ??? meat that I need to buy still
Monday: Slow cooker beef curry (Andy)
Tuesday: Pasta and roast Mediterranean veg (Rachel)
Wednesday: Jacket Potatoes and Beans (Rachel)
Thursday: Cheese sandwiches and soup (Andy)
Friday: Pizza (Andy)

Neither Andy or I feel particularly energetic for cooking at the moment, and I think it shows in our meal plan.  I'm half tempted to order some ready meals from Cook one of these days just to give us a break from food prep.  

I am also having a major Indian food craving but I am not good at cooking Indian.  My favourite is Masala Dosa, which I looked up how to cook and which I have zero ingredients for.  The kids wouldn't eat indian takeaway, but I am half tempted to just buy takeaway for Andy and me and feed the kids leftover spaghetti and meatballs.  It would save the effort of buying a meat for dinner.

Did your weekend plans go as planned?  Is there a food you love but don't/can't cook?


  1. We are far from Wales, but have also had a cold and rainy weekend. I'm sorry your camping plans were spoiled, and hope that you have excellent weather next weekend.

    I vote for Indian takeaway one night. Delicious!

  2. I hate rain...I find spring weather to be the most dismal of all, but we've been lucky to have quite a bit of sun lately. It was cool outside today, but at least the sun was shining.

    I'm sorry you had to cancel your camping trip, but sounds like the right decision for sure. Outside in wet, cold weather is THE WORST!

  3. Your weather sounds pretty depressing. Hopefully it will improve soon. When the kids were younger we always only ordered takeaway for the two of us and fed them sometihng else earlier. (Usually french toast) They went to bed by 7:30pm so we'd have a quiet dinner by ourselves.

    1. We should do this more, since our kids are generally asleep by 7. But usually we're so tired, and used to eating at 5:30 ourselves, that waiting until 7:30 for adult dinner seems impossibly far away. I realize that soon we won't have kids asleep at 7 so having adult dinner may become impossible, we should probably take advantage more now.

    2. When my husband isn't travelling, two weekend evenings we feed the kids early/separately and they have a "start" sleepover with either a movie or an audiobook or to play games together while we make a meal and have an at-home date (starting between 6:30 and 7 pm). We've actually gotten better about doing this SINCE the kids have gotten older. While the kids eat I read books to them, and I think they actually look forward to our date nights (especially if they get to watch a - presanctioned - movie). Now that they're older bedtime can be as short or as long as we like since they can do all steps independently.

  4. I am jealous of people who have it together enough to create a meal plan. This is how it usually goes at our house: open the freezer, take out a "thing", take a guess what that is, defrost it, turns out it's chicken, build a recipe around it. And by build the recipe I mean look in the pantry, decide what goes with chicken (anything really), take out rice, or couscous, or pasta, make that. Veggies draw of the fridge, great: we got broccoli. Done.

    Sorry to hear camping didn't happen!!

    1. Haha your plan works well too! I am laughing because yesterday we made pizza and andy pulled some chicken out of the freezer but as I looked at it I didn't think it was chicken... a little bite proved it was turkey. Which meant it was from November. So that went into the bin. I am not sure how long cooked meat lasts in the freezer but 6 months seems to far.

      We freeze some leftovers but it's amazing to me how everything looks the same in the freezer. I've started labeling things because chili looks like Bolognese looks like taco meat, but these are all very different foods.