April 3, 2023

March - Month in Review

This month is the kind where my current state (tired) seems to override my feeling on the month.  If someone said "What was March like?" I would probably say "Wet, cold, tiring".  But then I look at my calendar and my goals and realized... it was busy.  I did a lot.  We went for a 4 day holiday in The New Forest (tiring), I also got citizenship, went out to dinner with my friends, went out to lunch with Andy, went for two work overnights... no wonder I'm tired.


  • Update Family and both kids photo albums for February (Done!)
  • Visit 1 National Trust Site (Done - for a very short lunch picnic)
  • Visit St. Fagans museum (Nope - it did not stop raining)
  • Go on a Holiday! (Yes!)
  • Write Will (No. Ugh.  I feel like if this was any other goal the fact that I've not done it for SO LONG means it should be removed from my to do list but I'm aware I can't do that for this goal)


  • Barre3 (Just 1!) (No.  But, I will cancel my membership now because even though it's a cheap-ish yearly membership I just don't use it at all.)
  • Track Time (Yes!)
  • Eat 1 Fruit a day (No.  Why can I track my time but not my food...?)
  • Blog 3x a week (Nope)
  • Do a parkrun (Yes!)


  • Networking on March work trip (Yes, a great trip)
  • Two work trips this month - making the most of each. (Sometimes "making the most" means "attending".  So I'll give myself credit here)


  • Dinner with former colleague friends (Yes!)
  • Yoga with Yoga friend (Yes!)
  • Writing Club (Unfortunately scheduling issues precluded this one)
  • Bike Park Wales mountain biking trip with Andy and all MTB friends! (Yes! I forgot about this one.  I had a great day of biking and did a red-black trail which I was totally not good enough for)
  • Dinner with NCT friends (Yes!)
  • Get second quote for mouldy toilet room (nope - it's spring so I'm going to just let the mouldy toilet unmould naturally)
  • Declutter 2 bags of things on organization day (I did manage to get some stuff to the charity shop)
  • Do that wall decal (No - this goes back on the yearly goals list.  Maybe October)
  • Frame and mount the poster (Yes! Finally!)
March Professional Development Book: Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu (Read!)

I read 6 books in March. Station Eleven was probably my favourite.  I read Better than Before but I'm fairly sure I've read it before, but wasn't sure enough to not spend 8 hours on the Audiobook.  Quit Like a Woman was an interesting read that I'm still pondering, and I do wonder whether alcohol today is the same as smoking in the 1970's.  I'm really enjoying the somewhat trashy American Royals books and have just requested the third book from the Library.  
Lilah and Isaac enjoying our Holiday adventures

Did you have a good March?  Are you looking forward to April?


  1. If it will help you, I didn't get around to doing my will until my mid 40s. I was making a big fuss about nothing because the process was easy - and I felt a huge sense of relief and peace when it was done.

  2. Wow - you did so much!

    I had to laugh at: "Nope - it's spring so I'm going to just let the mouldy toilet unmould naturally." It's funny...but true. That sometimes, certain issues will actually resolve themselves over time.

    March was good, but I'm looking forward to April! It will be nice to not worry as much about the weather and school cancellations etc. Also, as much as I loathe all the mud and rain, it IS nice to see bare ground and crocuses and I know summer is just around the corner <3

  3. We need a will. *sigh* I also need to make a document accessible to my husband in case I die before he does so he knows things like how to access the accounts for bills I pay and how to order the dog's medications. *heavier sigh* I do not want to do these things, but you have encouraged me to at least talk to my husband about them.

    March was okay here, but it was super snowy and I'm hoping April allows me to be outdoors a little bit more!

  4. Sounds like a very busy and productive month! March was good here, although my goals are... not going great. Well. Some of them are going better than others. Sigh.

    My husband and I made a will in 2017/2018 and it was scary and stressful and then it was OVER. I found it quite reassuring to know that we could change it -- that it didn't have to be perfect, it just had to lay out the broad provisions. But I get how daunting a task it is. I hope you can cross it off your list soon because it will be such a relief when it's done!