June 14, 2023

Tuesday Timeline - a day in the life

Here's a day in the life of me! This is a Tuesday, which meant I was off work and watching the kids.

5:30am - Wake up, drink tea, do some important admin (I forgot what it was, possibly blogs)

6:10am - drive to friend's house for breakfast

6:30am - breakfast with friend

7:30am - drive home

8:00am - kids play in garden and do "rice play" while I do some house tidying & dishes.  Andy goes upstairs to work.

9:30am - drive kids to nursery for Isaac's Graduation Photos.  Drop off Isaac, Lilah and I go to the park.

11:00am - Pick up Isaac from nursery. Stop at M&S on the way home to get ingredients for a picnic lunch

12:00am - Home and I finally accomplish my dream of making a kid friendly charcuterie board!

Andy joins us for outside lunch

1:00pm - Get the pool out and kids play in pool and outside.  Short lived arts and crafts time that doesn't go well.

2:45pm - Kids getting ratty so we head out to library for a change of scenery.  Lilah falls asleep in the car which is not a good sign.  She is very tired and I regret not trying for a nap (she is a very intermittent napper)

3:00pm - return books to library and get new kids books

3:30pm - home from Library.  We make smoothies (frozen spinach, banana, milk & frozen berries). More pool time.

4:30 - Andy finishes work early and hangs out outside with kids.  We decide to do early bath and then TV as Lilah is starting to fade..

5:00 - Bathtime followed by Lilah meltdown.  Isaac and I watch Zog and the Flying Doctors while Andy takes care of Lilah

5:30 - Dinnertime - Chicken Gyros.  Normally a family favourite but poor Lilah is just too tired.  I put lilah to bed after a cup of milk and a story and she falls asleep by 6pm

6:00 - Finishing up family dinner, I don't often get the chance to eat family dinner without Lilah.  Isaac asks engaging questions like "why is my left hand on a different side than your left hand?"

6:30 - Isaac stories and bedtime, he's asleep by 7:15

7:00 - Dishes and tidy house

7:30 - Chat with my visiting family until 9pm

9:00 - Shower and Bed

That's a Tuesday.  I had a truly adorable moment where we walked out of M&S with Lilah holding Isaac's hand and Isaac holding my hand.  The cuteness lasted all the way to the car, where Isaac said "I need a wee!" right as I had strapped Lilah into her carseat. I told him to do a discreet car park wee. Sometimes you have to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.


  1. I remember walking around Boston with my friends and their two or three year old and she had to pee and so my friend picked her up, pulled down her pants and held her aloft over a corner in an alley. I was fascinated by that, being a young person with no kids, and thought it was great that kids could just pee anywhere! But of course they also have to go at the most inopportune times! Luckily you were outside in the parking lot and had a car to shield you!

    Also, you got up and went to breakfast early! Is that due to childcare timing? Whatever it is, I like it, because it is hard for me to get any of my friends up that early to go out to breakfast! I sometimes drag them, but most of them would prefer a 9 or 10 am start instead!

    1. Yes! A friend and I could not figure out when to arrange a weekly meet-up, we used to do 7:30am gym sessions but that's right over kids nursery drop off time and I wouldn't get home in time to start work at 8:30. So he suggested breakfast at 6:30 and I said great - it is an early start but he makes ham and eggs on toast for me and it means we generally make our breakfast dates most weeks (although the day of the week changes due to work commitments).

      I wish I could find more people to do early morning engagements with but most people are not up for 6:30am. I would love to find a local walking buddy for a morning walk at that time.

  2. These little moments is when life actually happens. Thank you for taking your reader through the day. I often burn through my days but feel like I have to make more of an effort to stop and smell the roses. Or the smell of my son's hair, or my daughter's beautiful brown eyes.

    1. I think was having a particularly introspective day - some days are hard and I do not stop and appreciate things as much. It's a sign of a good day when you can though.

  3. Needing to pee at inopportune times DEFINED our family roadtrip last year. We went to Toronto and New York City and it seemed someone constantly needed to pee and it felt impossible to find bathrooms quickly. Once we got home someone told me, for NYC at least, there is an app!

    I laughed out loud at this: "Short lived arts and crafts time that doesn't go well." Enough said. Been there, done that (still there, still doing that).

    1. Haha! I always hated going to London because I felt like there were never toilets. What a good app!

      glad the failed arts and crafts isn't just me...

  4. The parking lot wee made me laugh! Sounds like a lovely Tuesday to me. Breakfast with a friend, library, all of it. Reading blogs of young moms makes me wistful for my young mom hood, long gone now (my daughter is 27). I also remember it being very tiring!

    1. I am trying to enjoy it because I am aware it goes by fast but it is definitely tiring too :-D