June 13, 2023

Summertime! And the Living's... Warmer

 It is well and truly summer now (despite summer officially starting on 21st June).  We got our garden summer ready with the addition of kids picnic table, adult table, bench, and climbing frame!

The climbing frame arrived in 4 boxes of pieces, which I would have given up on immediately.  However, Andy got to work:

The fun thing about kids helping with projects is that they don't really know what's being built.  Once I was building a rolling cart from IKEA and Isaac was sure it was bunk beds EVEN WHEN IT WAS DONE.  He was concerned as to how he would fit into the rolling cart which he thought was bunk beds because it was so much smaller than him.  Good worry, kid.

They started to get the idea around here:
And was a total trooper building the whole thing, which probably took 10-15 hours including concreting it down and figuring out where in the garden it goes.  Now it's got a home in the back, and the kids have had free reign

Unfortunately I don't have many more photos because it is HOT (ie, above 75.  I live in Wales after all) and the kids take off their clothes all the time.  We pretty much have a clothes-less garden now.  Except for the amount of clothes in the garden, which is a lot.

Today it is meant to be 84 degrees, which is really really hot for Wales/me.  We will be blowing up the paddling pool and running the sprinkler.  It is fun living somewhere that is both hot and not in a drought. 

I haven't posted a food plan for a while and this week was a good one:
Sunday: Quinoa Enchilada Slow Cooker
Monday: Salmon & Potatoes & Veg
Tuesday: Oven Baked Chicken Gyros
Wednesday: Risotto (because we must use up this tiny portion of risotto rice!)
Thursday: Leftovers

This weekend we are going to try camping with the kids.  Fingers cross for no rain....

Do you spend time in your garden (yard)?  What is your favorite thing about your home's outdoor space?


  1. What a great addition to your garden! I cracked up over the story about Isaac thinking the rolling cart was a bunk bed. That's adorable.

    I mostly love our backyard -- it's really private and there's an enormous oak tree that is really beautiful when it's in full summer regalia. I also love how much wildlife we see in our very suburban yard -- squirrels, rabbits, opossums, skunks, hawks, owls, a wide array of birds, chipmunks, and even the occasional cat. I do not love that the sun beats down directly on the yard for much of the day, and it's nearly impossible to find shade.

  2. Thank you for sharing about your garden and yard. We are in New Jersey where 75 is considered, well, refreshing. In summers, we can get up to 100 or 105... Yep. Thank god for Jersey shore but even there can be unbearable.
    It's something about kids running around clothe-less, such freedom. My husband goes shirtless most of the summer -when I ask him, he goes "I'm showing off my dad bod lo.

    I love spending time outside (assuming it's between 75 and 90 degrees). We have a small pool and many flower beds that we (I) tend over the summer. Have a kitchen garden in a terrible, sunless pot- nothing ever grows there. Want to rework that are next summer.
    We have 1.5 hectare and a little "forest" where the kids rummage and roam (fenced in). We joke that that little untended and wind area is where we will hide if something bad happened lol

  3. I am so thankful we have a small, private backyard... it was especially nice to have during the pandemic. We rent, so it wasn't a "given" when we were looking for a place. Many apartments didn't have a balcony, let alone a yard, but it's something that we wanted. I complain about our kitchen a ton, but the outdoor space that came with your duplex is awesome.