June 21, 2023

Kitchen Project - Middle and Middle 2.0

Last time we had plastering work done on our house was in November, and it was on the new loft.  I remember the plaster took 5ish days to dry.  It turns out, plaster dries much quicker when it's 70+ degrees and not raining!

The plasterer finished last Monday (it took him 2.5 hours, which means his hourly rate is higher than both mine and my husbands professional career rates, but I won't think about that too much)

It looked pretty terrible, but dried in 48 hours.  It's always interesting doing house projects as it look like the kitchen was at some point painted blue? And before the very dull magnolia tiles were set down it looks like we had some 1950s red square tiles.  Also, we are not sure what some of the wires in the walls do, so everything was plated and shoved back into the wall if not an outlet. 
Andy and I did the mist coat on Wednesday night, which made it look worse.  Progress?

On Monday Andy did 2 more coats of white paint, and it's actually coming together:
He did one more coat last night and when I get back from my work trip I'm excited to see the result!  Once dry we can move the fridge into place and then we just need to get a date for the dishwasher install.  The kitchen is somewhat of a pain to work in right now so I am looking forward to getting things more in place, although I know that the real benefit won't be until the dishwasher comes.  It will be nice to have a full-size fridge freezer again and it will be interesting to sew what I can do with the rest of that corner space.  

I think a new kitchen bin is in order soon but I am sure Andy disagrees... it's hard to find a balance between a bin that's big enough for what we need but that doesn't take up all the floor space.  We've been using a £4.50 IKEA bin for 5 years.  It might be time to upgrade.

Do you like your kitchen bin?  Do I think about bins too much? is this the most boring post ever?


  1. I wrote an entire post once about how I had bought a purple waste bin in college and we used it as our recycling bin for years until it was cracked and we had to throw it away. It was very emotional for me. So, yeah. I thought this was an interesting post and not boring at all. It's fascinating to think about the history of the remodels in your kitchen and think about what it potentially could have looked like with blue walls and red tile floors.


  2. It looks good! I love bins...just kidding! But seriously, I bought one of those $10 plastic Rubbermaid ones from Target that has the flippy lid and it has lasted me 10 years and is still going strong. I briefly considered buying a shiny stainless one with compartments for recycling but I looked at a few and they were upwards of $100 and I ain't payin no $100 bucks for a darn trash can, no sirree Bob, I don't care how purty it is!! Bottom line is, it is a trash can; I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  3. Oooh it looks like it's coming together!

    I love my kitchen bin. It's "stainless steel" because there is no place in our cabinetry for it to hide, so it sits out on one edge of our kitchen island. I wanted it to look as nice as a bin possibly can. I think we got it from Bed Bath and Beyond in 2011. It was pricey -- maybe $60? But it works great, doesn't smell, and looks very stately.

  4. Plastering... Oh gosh- after surviving our almost 1.5 year bathroom renovation, I can tell you-there is hope. The pictures look like it's coming along! Living in a house while you have construction going on- ugh, hugging you :)

  5. Ugh, house projects always seem to last FOREVER... but keep your eyes on the prize. It's going to look so nice when it's all done.

    We have a cheap and ugly white plastic bin and I'd really like to upgrade. I feel like we had it since our college days. Sigh.