July 6, 2023

A very busy Thursday

This morning I woke up at 5am, because apparently my internal alarm clock thinks that is the right time to wake up.   Since 5am here is 9pm in California I managed to have a quick text message chat with my mom, before falling back asleep from 6am to 7:30am.  Andy got the kids up and sorted porridge for breakfast.

Andy had booked the day off work to go mountain biking - he dropped Lilah at nursery on the way.  Isaac had a trial day at the local school.  He starts in September but apparently the children all do two hour sessions as part of "settling in".  His session started at 9:15am so I had a late start to my day, but after a quick drop off I was home and ready to interview a maternity cover candidate by 10am.  The interview ended at exactly 11am, when I headed back to the school to get Isaac.

He had a great day.  He's going to love school - I wish he could start now.

I dropped Isaac at nursery and then realized I was going to be too busy to make either the planned dinner (Quinoa Enchilada bake in the Slow cooker - from Two Peas & Their Pod) or even my own lunch before my 12:15 meeting.  I had to return some maternity clothes to M&S so grabbed pizza for dinner and a pre-made salad for lunch.  I got back at 12:11, ate a very quick snack, and joined my call only 3 minutes late.

At 1:20 I grabbed my lunch salad, which I ate at my desk.  It's really busy in work at the moment, after a rather quiet month.  While I like being busy there are so many tasks I don't feel like I'm prioritizing effectively - especially when some days I have almost 75% of my time allocated to one-on-one meetings.  This is a busy season though - it should calm down in two weeks back to normal (I like to have less than 30% of my time in meetings)

Meetings ran from 2-4:30.  Andy texted to say he would pick up the kids from nursery and didn't get home until 6pm.  I worked until 5:15, the did dishes and worked on tidying the house.  The cleaner is coming tomorrow (YAY).

Everyone was very happy with Pizza.  After kid bedtime my brother called and we got a good hour chat, which worked great.  My writing buddy came over at 8pm and we spent some time writing and chatting.  

It wasn't the most focused or productive Thursday ever, but considering the constraints I feel I got everything done that I needed to do and that's good enough for me.

How was your Thursday?  Does your workplace have lots of meetings?


  1. Pizza always wins :)

    Luckily, I don't have a ton of "standing" meetings, usually 2-4 per week... and usually on different days. It's hard to get stuff done when you're in meetings all day.

  2. Wow, that is a day! I think I was in bed by the time your writing friend came over (if we were in the same time zone!) My workplace does have a lot of meetings but they are not all client facing and they are not all mandatory. There are some that are informational or operational as well, which are not as bad as I do not have to present in any way. We usually have one or two client facing meetings per week which are more work and I have to be more "on" for them and so those ones are a little more involved and stressful.