July 13, 2023

Mid year goals check in 2023

I know I'm late to this goals check in, but better late than... not?  Here's a progress update on some of my 2023 goals:

Media Goals

  • ✓ Read 50 Books - currently at 34 books.  Recently abandoned two.  I don't think I abandon books quickly enough and that slows me down - I haven't finished a book yet in July.  I think I will make it to 50, but I am not sure how much reading I will get done after twins are born.
  • Watch a movie - not yet.  But I want to see either Glass Onion, Weird (the Al Yankovic story), or Everything Everywhere All At Once.
  • See a show - Probably not.  It just seems like a lot of effort to sort a babysitter and get to town.  Nothing that I really want to see has come through Cardiff recently.  I should remember to keep checking.  I am on the waitlist thing for Taylor Swift Tickets, but I give that a very low chance of success (and also, that's 2024)


  • Potty Train Lilah - we may be making progress?  It's been far more painful than Isaac (or maybe time has distorted my memory)
  • Overnight trip with Isaac - not yet and nothing planned.  I think I might already be too pregnant for this one.  
  • Family photo albums - All are currently up to date (finished through June)
  • ✓ Take a family holiday - done! We went camping... and to the New Forest.  Both were exhausting.  We also went to the Forest of Dean in January, which was not exhausting.  Perhaps holidays are better when not pregnant?  We are going to stay in a Glamping Yurt for 2 nights in August which is exciting.  But, I think we are in full on "let's get our home sorted" mode now.
  • Take 2 family photos - I think we have taken one?

Health and Wellbeing:

  • ✓ One Rachel Thing a Month - done so far, definitely pleased with my 6 pack of massages I bought.
  • ✓ Run a 5k - done!
  • ✓ Visit Pelvic Floor Physio - done... right before getting pregnant again.  But done!
  • ✓ Go up a mountain - I went up the Garth - famous from the movie The Englishman who Went Up a Hill and Down a Mountain.  I would call this "mountain" exceptionally basic. 


  • ✓ Write Will - done! and signed! Finally!  It only took ages.  I need to email the people who are in the will to confirm the details and let them know where it's stored, but I'll take this as a victory.
  • ✓ Pay off additional borrowing mortgage - done! And so glad because interest rates are cray-cray right now here.
  • ✓ Get British citizenship - done!
  • Make retirement savings plan - I'm not really sure what this means, but it seemed like a responsible adult thing to add to this list.  Clearly I have not done it.
I'm doing well on my concrete goals and less well on habit goals (ie, "have a resilient bedtime" and "eat more fruit" were both rather wafty goals) I thought I had probably not accomplished much in the first half of the year but looking over this list I have done a lot more than I expected.  

We are also doing a lot more on the house than I planned for in goals, and I'm excited about all we've accomplished here.  The dishwasher arrived today and is getting installed on Monday! I'll never wash a dish again!

Do you make yearly goals? How are you doing on your goals?  


  1. Aw yiss! Getting the will done is huge. And yes to one Rachel thing a month!

    Movie wise I haven't seen Everything, Glass Onion was OK, and Weird had us rolling on the floor laughing for pretty much the entire movie.

  2. I do make yearly goals; I feel like things are going well, though I've already decided to drop a few - haha!

  3. You are doing great! And WOW, awesome work on the health/well-being goals! Such a good feeling!

    Like you, I think I stick with a book too long when I should just abandon it. Or "put it aside," with the view toward reading it at some future point. I did abandon (I have no intention of going back to it) a book recently and it was a good choice.

  4. Wow! I'm so excited that you got so much done early on in the year because things are about to get wild in your household!

    I abandon books with reckless glee. I just hate to be tied down to something I'm not enjoying. That being said, I'm reading a book right now because I fee like I *have* to (The Fellowship of the Ring) because I feel like I can't really be a true fan of fantasy until I finish it, but I hate it? So maybe I'm not a fantasy fan? It's also slowing down my reading because I sort of avoid going to it.

  5. So awesome you've been checking off these health and financial goals... and there's more time to work on the rest!

  6. This is J at Jellyjules, I can’t log into Google to comment that way. :)

    Congratulations on making such good progress on your goals! I love the daytime parts of camping, but the sleeping part generally sucks, so I am excited to hear about your glamping adventures.