August 18, 2023

5 things on a Friday

 1 - We are off Glamping this weekend!  Very excited.  We are staying in a Yurt on a small farm, booked through AirBnB.  We don't have to bring towels or bedding or camping stoves.  Yay.  I hope the kids enjoy it and get to free range a bit... our last camping adventure was fairly cramped with other campers so we couldn't let the kids explore as much as I wanted.  This place has 3 Yurts and composting toilets.  We are finally at the age where I can bring kid crafts and toys and maybe even get some time to read.  Also, this looks like good Glamping weather:

2 - Our dishwasher broke!  Literally one month after purchase.  The repair/replace people are coming on Tuesday, so I'm extra glad we are away this weekend (although we will have to do dishes while camping).  Thankfully it's under warrenty, and double thankfully Andy took care of all of it (he's in charge of appliances).  But OMG I don't like hand washing dishes and especially when my giant baby-stomach precludes me from standing too close

3 - I've been thinking more about the Job/No Job and I think it's an interesting case of "Here's a vague job description - you tell us what we specifically want".  The company I work for is the largest company I've ever been at, and I think this situation is reminding me that I really love some aspects of working for 100-200 people companies more than 3,000+ people.  I need to start crafting a "dream job" list at some point, the job I currently have is very close but I do think it can be better.  The great thing about moving jobs and getting new jobs is it helps me realize what I like and want.   I really love how Birchwood Pie looks at jobs and want to emulate their strategies.

4 - I just booked a reflexology session! I haven't had one in about a year and I absolutely love my reflexologist but she is a bit pricey.  However I'm hoping she can help with some of the baby-induced circulation issues I'm having (varicose veins, yuck).  I remember last time I saw her was the day I put in notice at my last job and I knew I wouldn't go for a while because I was a bit nervous about money in the new job (it was definitely a lateral move).  I'm less worried about money right now (at least until I start Maternity Leave).  It's nice to realize how much more settled I am now than a year ago. 

5 - Isaac has exactly 5 days of nursery left.  We just got his first bill for school wraparound and it was £220 for a month.  (4 days a week of 9-5 cover, Andy has Fridays off work).  So much better than the £500 we were paying for 3 days a week of nursery!  Or the £900 we pay for 3 days a week for Lilah.  These are the expensive years but I don't regret it... I am much happier being a working mom than a stay at home mom and I am very hopeful that at the end of this expensive time I will be at a far better salary bracket than if I had taken 5 years off to raise kids.  Also, I hopefully won't be insane, which I would be if I took 5 years off to raise kids.

Have you ever had reflexology? Do you want to come holiday in Wales now that you know it's 70 degrees in August?


  1. Our dishwasher "came" with our current house and is is SO old but has never had a single issue. I am terrified of when it breaks, because I know we'll never get something with the same longevity. Friends bought a dishwasher and went through TWO in the span of 6 months. We've been through 4 microwaves in 14 years of marriage. They don't make things like they used to.

    Glad it's under warranty and hope the repair/replacement process goes smoothly and you don't have to wash hardly any dishes by hand.

    I've never had reflexology, but I love a session with my chiropractor, massage therapist, or osteopath (though I haven't gone to any of them lately since I no longer have private insurance so it is $$$$).

    1. I wish I had an osteopath or a chiropractor covered by insurance! I do have private insurance through work but sometimes it feels so difficult to figure out what/who is covered that I just don't try. I know my basic needs will be met with the NHS and then I pay for other treatments as I need them - but chiro and osteo are so pricey I haven't tried yet.

      We were worried getting a dishwasher that it would break quickly... seems our fear wasn't unfounded. I definitely think stuff breaks so much more than it used to :/ I hope your dishwasher continues to live a long dishwasher life :-)

  2. Enjoy the glamping! I was starting to get jealous and then I said "WAIT A MINUTE there are yurts where I live so it's on me to do my own glamping".

    Grr dishwasher.....

    I'm so disillusioned by the workplace. And I'm also wavering in my decision to quit my job...sigh.

  3. Okay, okay! We are kindred spirits when it comes to... Reflexology! I just booked an appointment for myself before school starts. Also, you YouTube, there are tons or videos on foot reflexology that let's you follow along: Ann Swanson Wellness and hand yoga with Heidi Parkes.

    Also... Paying for daycare/preschool. UGHHHHH. Starting in September of 2018, we were paying $250/week for L, then when R was born in 2020 $500/week for both of them. And this year=zero! L is going to public kindergarten and R-to public preschool (where L used to go). I have plans for that money ;)

  4. I hope that your glamping was fun! I love being able to get outside but there is something to be said about getting to do that without having to bring bedding/sleep on the ground etc. Also the kids getting to run around/roam around is priceless. I grew up in a very rural area (in the 80s) and could roam in the trees and near the river to my heart's content. I was thinking about that the other day; it was raining and I went for a walk and it reminded me of how much I used to love going for a walk in the forest when it rained when I was younger. I don't remember my parents putting too many restrictions on us about that kind of thing, which was great! Roaming is so good for the soul.

    1. Letting the kids run around outside was the best part of the trip. I wish we lived somewhere where I could let the kids run and play outside more - people drive fast on our street and our back yard is mostly kid friendly but it's still a suburban yard and not "nature". I'm looking forward to the kids going to summer camp in the states when they're older... I did lots of camps around Yosemite area and I loved the freedom feeling there.

      So true - roaming is good for the soul!

  5. Glamping sounds so fun. I'd be totally up for it.

    I am so sorry about your dishwasher breaking. Wow, that was fast. I am glad it's under warranty.

  6. Broken appliances suck. And then when you just got them. Thank god for the warranty but the time that goes into handling is is such a nuisance.
    The clamping weekend sounds so fun.