June 22, 2024

Retail Therapy - Planners & Shoes & Kitchen Appliance Update

I've done some shopping lately. 

We ordered our new family planner!  For the last 5 years (at least) we have used Personal Planner for our family planner.  We do September start weekly layout and I just ordered the 2024-2025 version.  So excited!   It's 13 months long, and includes friends birthdays, yartzeits (date of death) and anniversaries.  I think it's pretty.  The Personal Planner website even gives you a imaginary photo of what it will look like

(I do not have fancy scissors or clothes pins.  I do have washi tape)

I also took advantage of the Ashley Shelley sale ($10 for all 2024 planners!) and ordered a 2024 weekly vertical layout for myself.  I am currently using a 2023 daily, but my days don't have much in them, and sometimes a continual blank daily is just not inspiring.  Using a 2023 monthly layout in 2024 is not very helpful either.  So for $10 I figured I could play with another layout for the rest of this year and see what it's like.  

Switching gears - I recently decided it was time to retire my all time favourite running shoe - the Pearl Izumi N3. I bought these in 2016 and I remember they were sooo expensive, but now I don't know whether that was $80 or $100.  Would I have spent $100 on running shoes in 2016?  probably not.  I loved these shoes and thought they were the COOLEST.  
However... they are now 8 years old.  And although I have been rotating through 3 different shoes in the last 8 years I finally decided it was time to say goodbye to this pair.
I still have my Merrill trail shoes from around the same time, but I have done *far* less trail running than road/combo.  I had a pair of road shoes which I threw away about 2 years ago so I've been using these as road shoes since, but shoe technology has moved on!  

I know I should have gone to a running store and tried on different shoes and checked fit, but I did the inadvisable and googled "running shoes" and bought a pair of Asics Novablast 3s since they were on sale and also had good reviews.  I've made it out for one run so far but it's amazing how bouncy and light they are.  It seems like streamlined thin-ish shoes are out and massive supportive shoes are in now.  I remember Hokas looked silly to me in 2016 but I bet a Hoka of 2016 is probably the same or smaller than these new Asics.  Either way, they are a fun shoe!
(This is not my usual aesthetic but it works for me and also was on sale for £84 rather than £135)

Finally - I decided I did need a new food processor to replace the broken immersion blender attachment and I bought a Kenwood MultiPro food processor. 
No, I have not made that salad.  I have not even used the "forever chopper" technology.  However I have used it to make Tabouleh salad, and it's pretty cool how fast it shreds things.  I also grated a whole block of cheese for mac and cheese in less than a minute!  I know it had a lot of features I haven't used yet (dough? pastry?) but I am pretty happy to have a functioning food processor.  Also, it turns out the food processor attachment to the immersion blender is a very poor substitute for a real food processor.  OMG did this thing make quick work of parsley and mint.  

And in good news, everything still fits in the same cabinet.  Also, I make hummus with the immersion blender now.  

Have you bought anything new recently?  Are you a "buy when you need it" person or a "wait and do all your shopping at once" person?


  1. I am not a big shopper unless I have a good reason to- ratty curtains, something breaks, or there is a trip/event. I have bought something this week.. Sandals for our Italy trip. two pairs of exercise/hiking/running shorts. A sun hat for Italy. Floaties or the kids- for Italy and for our pool :)

    1. Oh a sunhat is still on my list to buy. Sounds like you are getting your gear sorted for your trip though! I still need to find some new shorts though I did finally buy a pair of running shorts which I like so far.

  2. A weekly planner works very well for me. I googled the Ashley Shelley planners and they look very similar to the Fringe Planner I am currently using :) For $10, it's a good investment to try it out for the rest of the year.

    As you know, I also recently bought some Asics Novablast 3s and I love them. I also did the inadvisable and just bought them based off a recommendation... but I don't know if you really have to get fitted every single time you buy a new shoe, if you know what type of runner your are (neutral, for me) and what type of shoes you like. I got fitted a few years ago and have since then bought shoes based off of that first fitting... and I have yet to buy a shoe that didn't work for me.

    P.S. Thanks for connecting on Peloton. It's totally ok to "stalk" on Strava... I mean, that's what the platform is there for. If you ever need any class recommendations, I am happy to help :)

    1. I am such a Peleton novice, I haven't really figured out how to find classes . What are your favourite strength instructors/classes? I can't seem to take live classes because of the time zones... or if I can they're in German. Which isn't a problem for you! :-)

      I'm glad you like your Novablasts too! They are so fun.

  3. I need to buy some new running shoes too. I have some Brooks that probably still have some life in them since I only wear them for actual running and I don’t do that very often! But they are just old- I got them I think in 2017 for my last half marathon. I have kept them in the garage so they have frozen/gotten super hot many many times and I just feel like they always feel stiff now when I wear them? I don’t know. I have been dabbling in a little running here this summer and have mostly been wearing some random Nikes my husband gifted me a year or two ago- not really intended for runnning, just more of an all purpose walking /whatever sneaker. So I am sure they are not the best running shoes! I also don’t feel like making a production and going to running store etc… actually I don’t feel like spending money on that at all right now, but we’ll see. Hahah.

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    2. Oh get some running shoes! I don't think freezing and heating is good for them either. I have some old sneakers that I wear to the gym and I know other people use gym shoes so running shoes vs gym shoes is probably just my preference. And i totally understand not wanting to spend money on running shoes, they are pretty price for something you might not wear much or might not enjoy much. I recommend these Asics ones if you are looking though - they seem supportive which is probably good for my untrained feet :-)