March 7, 2013

Beginner Silks at NoFitState

Now that I'm back in Cardiff for a few days I've managed to make it to a few sessions at NoFitState

There's loads of excitement at NoFitState at the moment, in addition to working on their new space (Four Elms - looks amazing!) they're gearing up for another tour of Bianco which will be traveling around the UK all summer.

Bianco is the show I was lucky enough to see three times last summer at the Eden Project.  I'm so excited they'll be back in Cardiff at the WMC for a while, I'll certainly be seeing it again to see how it's evolved.

In case you don't believe me on how amazing it is, check out this video:

And this song, by the amazing band Fireproof Giant who provide live music for the Bianco

But alas I am not good enough for Bianco but I am getting stronger and I will be learning more tricks soon!  I'm really loving circus classes at the moment but I need to get serious about my core strength, I'm still mega flail-y. I did get a video this week - which will look woe-fully underwhelming compared to the Bianco ad.  But pretend you didn't just see amazing people doing amazing tricks, and look at my 1.5 minutes of awkward flailing!

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