March 5, 2013

Weekend in Bath - or - Rachel eats all the things

This weekend I had the good fortune of visiting my friend Amy in Bath. Amy and I met four years ago while playing softball in Bristol; we used to stomp our way through tournaments and camping and got up to all sorts of shenanigans. Two years ago I realized that Bristol was really too far for me to travel and also that I consumed more calories in beer during softball than I burned in the actual sport and thus hung up my cleats and glove for my bicycle and trainers.

Amy has an amazing life in Bath full of fancy things which she writes about on her lovely blog.  But one of the many things that Amy and I both love is FOOD.  And hence I spent an entire weekend in Bath and managed to take the following photos:

1. Arrival in Bath - Amy shared her parents care package with me, Saltines and Jif.  I used to LIVE on saltines and Jif.  There is no peanut butter to parallel Jif in the UK, it is creamy and crunchy and oh so delightful. Sunpat is good but doesn't hold a candle (or a peanut!) to Jif.

2. Dinner a la chef Amy.  Kraft Mac-n-cheese dinner.  I love Kraft dinner and it's one of the foods I miss most from home.  Day-glow orange so you know it's tasty, made with butter and milk.  Amy convinced me to put ketchup on it, which I had never done before but which was EPIC! And - like the classy ladies we are - we enjoyed a nice bottle of rose with our $0.99 dinner:

 3. A number of delicious cocktails occurred now, which I didn't get pictures of but which can be found on Amy's blog.  After leaving the bar we found a subway that stayed open until 3am.  THREE AM!  Amy took charge and ordered the BMT (I'm still not sure what it was) and I insisted on loads of pickles.  Amy even drunk-grilled it.  As far as I can remember, it's one of the best things I've ever eaten.

4. Day TWO!  A bit worse for the wear, Amy and I head into Bath.  The train is jammed full of people but we get some standing room in first class.  The conductor doesn't even come around for tickets - free trip!  Score!

 5. I found out there is a Mission Burrito in Bath.  "OMG WE MUST GO" I tell Amy. And so we do, and it is delicious.  Why there are no burrito places in Cardiff of any calibre makes me sad all the time, but I heard a rumour that Mission Burrito is scouting a potential Cardiff spot so my heart filled with joy and my mouth filled with, umm, dreams of burrito.

To sum up, I spent a weekend in Bath, a beautiful city that looks like this:

And I stayed in Bradford-on-avon, an possibly even cuter town with shops like this:

And I managed to take 5 photos - mostly of food.

What an amazing weekend!


  1. Bahahaha... This is a more accurate summary of our trip! Eat ALL the things... Drink ALL the things!

  2. 1. what?: "doesn't hold a candle (or a peanut!)"
    2. you miswrote Kraft as craft!! crafty mac n cheese is not a thing! but you could make it.
    3. A+ for drunkenly taking a photo of a sandwich

    sounds like a good weekend.