March 13, 2013

La Crêperie de Sophie: Restaurant Review Cardiff

After working too many weekends I decided to have a Thursday in town to meet up with Lois - one of my best friends from Uni who has since moved up to North Wales.  We both love food and decided to become "Ladies who Lunch" for the day.  I recently got a tastecard trial and thought I would check out one of the restaurants on 2 for 1 offer.  I've heard nice things about La Crêperie de Sophie before - not to mention always seeing them at markets around Cardiff - so we decided to give the restaurant a try.

Located in the High Street Arcade, La Crêperie de Sophie looked like a take-away crêpe shop from the outside.  Walking in we were greeted by a wall of Nutella (YUM!) and the smell of cooking crêpes - I was hungry from the start.

Downstairs was an absolutely adorable seating area.  It was quite small but not very crowded at 3pm on a Thursday.  I would call the ambiance "relaxed" - I could imagine a crêpe restaurant could look overly romantic but they had the balance between the dim lights of romance and the chilled atmosphere of relaxation just right.

We both ordered crêpes.  I had the Paysan - delicious garlic mushrooms and herbs, cheddar cheese, red onions, and green leaves.  Lois ordered the Cocorico - Chicken Breast, Brie Cheese, Cranberry Sauce, green leaves and balsamic dressing.

That's a normal sized plate - the crêpe is just big!  Mine was deliciously cheesy - it had far more cheese than I expected but this was great because I love cheese.  I don't think I've had a savory crêpe before but it was spectacular - the flavors melded together well and you could definitely taste the herby mushrooms over the strong cheese.  The crêpe itself was nice and crisp - not greasy at all.  At first I worried if it would be enough food, but by the end I was stuffed.

Lois's chicken and brie was superb as well - I think the magic is in the cooking of the crêpe as I've never managed to make such a thin, well cooked and flavorsome crêpe at home.  I was happy to have my cheesy crêpe though, as there was a lot of chicken but not as much brie in the Cocorico.  However we each polished ours off and (sadly) did not have room for a desert crêpe.

I'm a total Crêperie de Sophie convert. The food was delicious, the ambiance was lovely, the staff were attentive and friendly.  I only wish they were open in the evenings -  I would love to have date night with the Brewer Half here. Unfortunately I don't get to go out for lunch very often.  With the tastecard (buy one get one free crêpe) the total came to under a tenner, a very affordable lunch.  Even without the tastecard all the crepes are around £5, which is great value for fantastic food.

They also have some exciting looking Crêpes and Cider nights coming up - perhaps the Brewer Half and I can have date night at La Creperie de Sophie soon!  

16 High Street
Cardiff CF10 1BB
029 2037 2352


  1. Hi my sister sent me to this post as she is the waitress in the picture lol. Im a blogger also I keep on that she should do a blog but no luck so far.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Your sis was so sweet! That's why I always ask if I can take a picture before I take one :-) Don't want people surprised to find themselves on the internets! I checked out your blog and even though I'm not a parent I shall definitely follow, you have some very cute kiddies :-)