March 10, 2013

Rest Days and Training Schedules - Sunday Burger Justifications

Alternative Title: advice for aspiring moderately poor athletes in South Wales, i.e. people aspiring to be moderately poor athletes, not moderately poor athletes aspiring to improve

When normal people have a lazy day, they say "I had a lazy day."

Three years ago, when I had a sunday in pyjamas, I called it a hangover day.

But now, as a moderately poor "athlete" I can call it a rest day.

Yes, my friend, I *had* to spend all day in pyjamas, and I *had* to eat peanut butter from the jar on a banana, and I certainly *had* to go out for a massive North Star beer and burger and chips for dinner!

Because, you see, today was my REST day!  I was not being lazy, I was RESTING. I was fixing my muscles and lactic acid and getting ready for the week ahead!

And when I had minstrels for desert, I was refueling! Carb-loading, see, so I could run more tomorrow.

Yes, this image says it all:

Being a moderately poor athlete has it's challenges, sometimes you just have to spend a whole Sunday doing basically nothing.  I made that sacrifice.... for you... for me... for the results.

Also, I have some very comfy fleece pyjamas.

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  1. Everyone needs a Rest Day, especially those who rarely allow themselves the treat.