October 30, 2013

Brussels to Bruges - a 1 day ADVENTURE!

Guess what Y'all! I'm in Belgium! Belgium is amazing because it s full of Old things and beer and chocolate and french fries (or Belgium fries!) and pretty buildings and medieval stuff. Belgium is my favourite European country if Wales doesn't count as European.
I'm here with my mom and we are being tourists.  On our first day we bought a Waffle and ate it all!
We ate the waffle in the shape of the dog, and then we took a picture of the dog-waffle with a dog.  Yum!

One day we took the train to Bruges.  We found an online fare for only £10 return, which was a mega bargain for the 1 hour train.
In Bruges we took a canal boat tour and did not get rained on.  It was a good use of 6 Euros!
We also went to a lace museum and saw how lace is made.  It is made from string, and made by old ladies, and probably mostly made by machines these days because this little hand made doylie is like 60 Euros.
We saw lots of old buildings and churches, and new buildings made to look like old buildings.  Brugge is awesome because it got all bombed in WWII and then they built it to look super old as if nothing happened.  I like being deceived by brickwork!
We went to the top of a hill to look at the town and also at a windmill.  Then I took photos of my mom doing Drake hands, but she was way more dramatic than Drake hands, because that is how she rolls!
Then we ate more waffles.  nom nom waffle.  This was actually the 4th best waffle that we ate so it was not very good, but it was very sugary.
This church was cool.  All the churches were cool.  One of the churches had the blood of Jesus Christ in a vial in the church.  That is a good church!
We passed this bike shop that used a bike chain to look the doors.
Unfortunately it was closed.  there were loads of pretty bikes and I think my N+1 bike will be a single speed commuter bike with fancy 2 toned wheels.  yes.

Tomorrow I'm headed back to the UK.  Bruges was fun and Brussels has been great and I will share more pictures of old buildings and yummy food soon! We were here for 4 days and ate 4 waffles so that is certainly a success! 

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