October 24, 2013

The Brewer Half's Half Brewed Reviews - Beacons Orange

So RachelInWales is away, leaving me home alone. What do I do to entertain myself? Write a beer review, of course! (with a helping hand from some more beer).

(Actually that's as far as I got that night, I just ended up drinking beer...)

This review is actually taken from some semi-drunken scrawlings on my phone, and I've finally got around to tidying them up.

I was in my local Wetherspoons, about to tuck into one of their good selection of real ales when I spotted "Orange Beacons", a 4.3% wheat beer by Beacons Brewery with real orange. I was worried that this would be another overpoweringly fruit flavoured beer, but for some reason decided to buy it anyway. I was very glad I did. In fact, I was so impressed, I immediately started writing this review.

It poured a very clear, light golden pint. The aroma was of orange (not surprisingly), noble hops, and a slight sourness. Hm...this could be good.

The taste is a balance of wheat, hop, and orange flavours. There is a very gentle sourness (which is a fine thing in a beer of this style), and sweet light maltiness. This is a good wheat beer in its own right, with a sympathetic addition of orange. The best bit about the orange flavour is that it is not overpowering and artificial, but has a great depth of flavour. It is well balanced with hop bitterness, leaving a lingering bittersweet flavour.

Extremely refreshing, with a depth of flavour to cut through. I recommend you find a pint and try it! Best on a hot summer's day, although you probably won't find one of those in the near future.

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