October 24, 2013

1 Week in Belarus!

So I've had a busy month... well I've had a busy 3 months... and I didn't get to tell you about some of my adventures!

One adventure was my trip to Belarus.  Belarus is near Russia, and it seems a lot like Russia, and when you go to the embassy to get your visa you sit in a little basement room full of mirrors with one table in the middle and it's a bit odd.

Belarus was very flat, and when I drove anywhere I could see for miles.

There were loads of massive buildings
There were cool soviet happy statues
One time we went for a walk and I saw this singing group, possibly from Belarus X-Factor?

 There was a market on the weekend with lots of things fro sale, including these steins, but also including the wooden mace. Do you think I could get that through customs?
In the morning I went for a run in the flat park.  I went for 2 runs actually, one at about 2 miles (which my GPS didn't like and called 10 miles, but I'm pretty sure I didn't do 2.5 minute miles for 25 minutes).  I also did 3.5 miles.  This was all before the Cardiff half and was basically my only training, so that wasn't super clever.  I ran to this big monument, but then I took a photo of it at night, just to be confusing:
Food in Belarus was okay but strange.  I'm not sure I'm super excited to go back but i'm very glad I got to see what's there!

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