October 14, 2013

Adventures in Mid Wales. Actually North Wales (MTB Machynlleth, Dogellau & Llanidloes)

Last week I had the week off work, so Brewer half and I decided to take an adventure to mid Wales for some biking and camping.  Our first stop was a visit to the most chaotically awesome brewery we have seen - the Waen Brewery.  Llanidloes is about 2 hours north of Cardiff and Brewer half saw his dream brewery and excitedly talked beer with the lovely Sue and Mr Waen.
Waen do such lovely beers, we enjoyed a few pints of festival gold at the local (YUM!) before heading up to camp near Machynlleth.

Machynlleth is a basically unpronounceable Welsh town, but it has some mountain biking and is in the bottom of Snowdonia mountain range AND our campsite looked like this
I know, it is mental.  There were no other campers there (probably because it is October in Wales) so we had the whole site to ourselves. To make it more awesome, there was a rainbow!
On Thursday we went mountain biking, but I didn't take any photos.  We did the Mach 2 trail.  It was pretty but not very technical, and most of the time I thought we were lost.

We drove past this view.  Mid wales is stunning!
Then we drove past this lake! I use editing software on the photo, but still it is pretty!
 On Friday we went biking at Coed y Brenin.

Of course I love Y Wal and Afan Argoed most of all, but Coed y Brenin was amazing.  We did a 20 mile route which was long and difficult and tiring and also scenic and fast and exciting.  The descents were incredible and I really want to go back.

Also all the routes start with cool entrance ways, like this one. But this route was black/severe.  We'll have to do it next time
 It was an awesome mid-Wales adventure!

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  1. Wow, this is awesome. Between what you and Kentisbear have posted we are definitely going to Snowdonia in April next year. Thanks for sharing.