May 24, 2023

Galavanting through Wales - Weekend Adventures Again

We had visitors last weekend, which meant I spend the weekend galavanting through Wales. I used to spend a lot of time galavanting.  Now I spend slightly less time doing so.  It made me remember that there is a world more than 15-25 minutes from my house, and that world can be very fun.

Friends arrived Friday night after a terribly long train journey.  Their journey of 2 hours became 6.  I felt particularly bad as my 2 hour London train had become a 4 hour London train the previous day.  "What is the chance the same train will be super delayed two days in a row?" I thought. The answer - high.

They arrived in good form for all their travel.  I couldn't believe I hadn't seen these friends since I left Portland in 2016.  It felt like no time had passed at all.  People are great.

On Saturday we visit Big Pit, which is a former Coal Mine and now amazing museum.  Everyone should visit Big Pit.  Guides are former miners.  I have traveled a lot and never experienced anything like it.

Saturday evening was takeaway curry.  I was full for 3 days.

On Sunday friends were traveling in Inverness (Scotland!) for more great adventures.  Isaac and I took them to Cardiff Castle for sightseeing.  I only took a picture of the keep, but we walked all the way to the top.  It was a gorgeous day.  Everyone should visit Wales in May (when the sun is out)

Finally it was time to take friends to the train station. They are onwards on their big adventure, and I am reminded to have more medium adventures.

Also, can you tell who doesn't watch TV at home?  Isaac was very excited to watch this TV (its a rolling series of ads)

This weekend is another adventure weekend.  Beach on Saturday, friends on Sunday, and an American BBQ on Monday.  Happy Memorial day everyone!

Have you had big adventures recently?  Little adventures?  What is the difference to you?


  1. I love those friends who despite not seeing them for years, you can pick back up right where you left off. There is something so satisfying about that! It sounds like you are getting a lot of galivanting done! Two weekends with friends back to back is a lot! I do love the chaos of summer, with many weekends packed with friends and family, but am also happy or content to stay home in the fall after it is all over!

    1. Ooh you just made me realize that maybe I love fall so much because it's a rest after a busy summer! But maybe I wouldn't like it as much without the chaos of summer to balance it....

  2. Oh my goodness, this sounds so fun! What a lovely way to spend time with your friends.

  3. Big Pit sounds exactly like so many of the random gems that I've encountered in my travels in the past year. You go there, get wowed, and then it's just like "why doesn't everyone else know about this place?"

  4. So fun to get out and play local tourist with friends!

  5. Hmmm big adventures... Not since April... Went to Denmark with the kids. Little adventures? Had a swim lesson yesterday (a trial) and my oldest wants to come back. My 3 year old:
    Me: "Did you have fun swimming?"
    R: "Yes"
    Me: "Do you want to do it again?
    R: "No"
    So I guess the jury is still out.

    1. Denmark is a very big adventure!
      Also, I love 3 year old decisiveness haha. maybe they loved the lesson so much they're worried that no future lesson could live up to the experience...?