May 27, 2023

Bank Holiday Saturday & House Projects & Meal Planning

 I feel like I'm on holiday a lot lately - but 3 bank holiday Mondays in one month can do that for a person.  Thanks King Charles!  This Monday is a bank holiday (not memorial day.  Late May Bank Holiday maybe? Spring Bank Holiday?  

The sun is out and today we spent half the day at the beach and half the day at a friends farm, culminating with a BBQ in a firepit.  Everyone is tired.  Kids fell asleep in the car on the way home.  Sand everywhere.  The beach was suprisingly quiet even though it's half term (school holiday) and a long week end AND the sun was out.  

Downside, Lilah got carsick on the way.  We were using the rear seats of the 7 seater.  She kept saying "I'm tired" and I think she meant "I don't feel well" because suddenly - much sick.  In good news, we had a whole bag of clean laundry in the car and she had a blanket on which caught most of the mess.  She perked up when we put her back in the middle seat and we may not use rear seats again for a while.

In other random news, I finally got a kindle!  Very excited.  I think I can put Libby books on it - I know you can only do it for US based accounts but my Libby account is based in my US library so I'm hoping it will work.  I need to spend 10 minutes setting it up.  Then I can get all the books! Not just the audiobooks! Yay!

As an update for 'Make our house more suited to our needs' project, we donated a loveseat to charity and now have a much more functional small room for kids to play in.  We also have finally decided what climbing frame to get for the garden and are going with this one:

Instead of a ballpit at the bottom we will probably make a sand pit.  We need to figure out how to keep the cats away.

We had our FLOM on Friday and planned meals for next week:

Sunday: Salmon & Potatoes
Monday: Mac & cheese with ??? can someone suggest a main to go with mac and cheese?
Tuesday: Egg sandwiches & home fries
Wednesday: Jacket Potato & Beans
Thursday: Chicken Gyros
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Out to dinner with Andy (hopefully! Everyone ended up ill last time we had a dinner planned)

What are you doing for Memorial Day/Bank Holiday?  Any recommendations for good kindle reads...? I've been thinking I want to get into a good sci-fi/fantasy book.


  1. I am getting Libby books from my library on my Amazon Fire, so you should be able to do it on the Kindle. Yay! :)

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. We're celebrating our anniversary this weekend, but not much else going on... I did work on the backyard and set up our patio today.

  2. I have a friend whose kid was carsick from the day they brought him home until the day he was tall enough/weighed enough to be in the passenger seat. I think he was thirteen or fourteen. That poor kid and that poor family. I am glad the mess was pretty self-contained, but getting carsick is NO FUN.

  3. I don't know if you have already tried to download books, but I googled it and it says that the kicker is your address on your Amazon account (not your local library card), which has to be a US address. I will be curious to see how you get on though. As a side note, the other thing I have heard suggested if you are traveling or living abroad is to have a US VPN so your computer will still be a "US" based tool. You probably know a lot more about that kind of thing than I do though!

    Re book recommendations, have you read the V.E. Schwab Shades of Magic series? If you like magic, they are pretty fun. She also wrote The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, which I enjoyed, but it is just a one off (but well worth it!)

    1. I managed to get it to work, not sure how! unfortunately the free 3 months of kindle plus didn't seem to work, possibly due to the whole cross-country thing. Weirdly Amazon makes 2 different accounts for UK and USA but both have the same password. Will cross my fingers it continues to work...

      I haven't read the Shades of Magic series but have read Invisible Life of Addie LaRoux so will add that to my list! Thanks for the recommendation :-)

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! On the main to eat with mac and cheese--really anything goes with m&c but I'm a fan of breaded pork chops or chicken.