December 14, 2022


I was somewhat off kilter today.  Lilah woke up with a hacking cough, which caused great concern.  Concern that I won't be able to attend Andy's Christmas party tomorrow.  Everyone was exceptionally slow out the door, arriving at nursery at nearly 9am.  Andy picked up Lilah at 11:45 so she could nap at home, which she did for 3 hours.  In the interim, I fractured 7.5 hours of work into slightly less than 7.5 hours of experienced time.  

Lilah seems much better after her mega-nap and I'm hoping she will be fine at nursery tomorrow. Although she is not terribly ill, she does have occasional bouts of severe croup, which is a terrifying ordeal for anyone who hasn't experienced it before.  The barking cough is fine, the stridor breathing is not.  The bad cases are fixed with a dose of crushed up oral steroids, but I really don't want to leave my mom watching kids overnight with the potential of a croup attack.  I am crossing fingers she sleeps well tonight and arrives croup-less by tomorrow.

In other news, my roast sweet potato and haloumi dinner turned into this:

Yes, I we had fish sticks for dinner. And sweet potato and broccoli.  Turns out, fish sticks are delicious.  They call them fish fingers here.  

We got a smart meter last year, which is cool because it shows us our daily usage and actual real time electric usage.  It's also horrifying because:

Today was a £10 day for energy usage.  This is kind of insane.  We only heat the house to 62 degrees.  I'm looking forward to the end of this 30 degree cold snap and the return of 53 degrees and rain.

Andy's gran sent us a Christmas hamper.  I love a hamper.  Isaac was excited to find this box of horse food:
"This will be really good if a horse comes over to our house" he said.  His little mind may explode when we open the box to find regular crisps.

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  1. Oh wow, energy prices are going through the roof in Europe.