December 10, 2022

Season Fun: Winter Fun List

Here's my quick seasonal fun list for Winter:

  • Go Indoor Swimming
  • Visit a Christmas Market
  • Do a Valentines craft with the kids
  • Visit the community farm
  • Visit a castle (one with a roof if it's raining)
  • Order a new Almanac, then look at the year ahead
  • Barre3 workouts and indoor yoga classes
  • Imagination Play with the kids (at imagination play centers)
  • Look at Christmas lights
  • Light candles and use a diffuser to put good smells in the house
Not all of those are applicable after December.  But hopefully I can plan some swimming, castles, and community farm trips in February.

Bird Watching from Indoors at the wildlife center:


  1. I'm exhausted (two sick kids) and NOT feeling festive today...but this post reminded me I can take little steps toward feeling more pleasant and cheerful. Including, right now, lighting a nice-smelling candle. Off to do that immediately!

    1. I'm so sorry you're in sick-kid-ville! I hope everyone recovers soon - and that you get some sleep!

  2. These are some really great ideas!