December 20, 2022

Weekend Rundown - Tuesday Update

It's been a busy few days.  On Thursday I stayed overnight in Bristol with Andy for his work's Christmas do.  I am not used to staying up until midnight! On Friday I was tired, but we managed to get some hipster bagels and coffee before coming home.  We also bought a second hand frog bike, in a slightly smaller size than Isaac's current bike, so hopefully he will be riding a pedal bike soon:

Andy did ask if we could get one without the Team Sky logo, but beggars and choosers and all meant we could not.

The weekend was a bit of a toughie, Lilah has another generic winter illness so hasn't been sleeping well, and Isaac hasn't been particularly chill either.  We made it through the weekend with a lot of being very tired.  Both kids were vaguely ill on Sunday and I was off work on Monday.  They were both asleep by 6:15pm on Monday night, and Isaac slept until 8am on Tuesday, which is a sure sign he is ill.  He did wake up at 6am and asked to play with Peppa Pig toys so perhaps he did some playing before sleeping till 8.

On Monday evening I attended a Yoga Conditioning course that was absolutely brutal.  Perhaps going to conditioning only once a month makes it more brutal...?  I'm hoping to make a regular practice of yoga in the new year... at least more regular than once a month.

Today Lilah was still ill, and although it was Andy's day with the kids I helped out so he could get some work done too.  

Tomorrow Lilah still won't be well enough for nursery, so were doing the kid-work shuffle. Unfortunately I'm cracking into my 2023 leave with all this time off now, I was supposed to work through until Friday but at this rate I'll be vaguely absent until my actual absence.   I'm still looking forward to powering off my work computer for Christmas.   I know we won't get much "down time" but we can at least have some "substantially lowered expectations time"

Also, you know what keeps kids entertained?  New toys.  Magically, the kids seem to get better toys on days when they need some down time playing with toys.  Today Lilah got a doll-pram and Isaac got a marble run.  We opened presents at 4pm and everyone was extremely entertained until dinner (at 5:30).

Do you celebrate Hannukah?  Is everyone in your family healthy or are you experiencing an immunity debt disease onslaught?


  1. We have had someone sick ALL month. I have no idea what's going on with my son, but tomorrow we have bloodwork and an ultrasound, so I'm really hoping we get to the bottom of his low-grade nausea (constant) and abdominal discomfort. I thought it was viral for the first few weeks, but now we're digging deeper.

    I know what you mean about the time off not being restful, but it is nice to lower expectations. I plan on watching A LOT of Christmas movies this week. I really need time to just veg on the couch for hours...Movies aren't usually my thing, but I have been craving that down time all December. The kids are officially done school today, so I'm hoping we fit in some pretty chill days leading up to Christmas.

  2. We've been healthy these last few weeks, but we've also had many interactions (other than at the grocery store). I am not keen on catching anything that is going around right now.