December 12, 2022

Monday - meal plans and bedtimes.

I have often been accused of burning the candle on both ends.  “But why not?” was my often reply… “a candle burning at both ends burns twice as bright!”

I have since realized that Is exactly the answer a twenty something would give.

On Friday I was tired.  I knew it was a night to get an early bedtime, and recover on the busy week of suboptimal sleep.  But then, the book was too good.  So instead I read it all. Until 11:30pm!   On Saturday I was tired.  On Sunday, I was tired.  On Sunday I went to bed at 8:30pm.  Which was good, because the biggest little is really into his 5:15am wake ups at the moment.  

Today, I went to Bath to have Christmas lunch with my new team, and this evening I’m going to the local indoor bike/bmx center to play on BMX bikes with my mountain biking buddies.  I love a ladies night at a BMX center, and haven’t been since 2018.  It was the one biking hobby I gave up quickly on becoming pregnant, mostly because it was the only biking hobby where I have ever actually flown off a bike and landed on my stomach.  

Tonight I have low expectations for my skills and fitness, and high expectations for fun.

My meal plan this week is underwhelming:

  • Monday: ?? Andy food
  • Tuesday: Tacos!
  • Wednesday: Sweet Potato & haloumi tray bake, or maybe sweet potato fries with veggie burgers?
  • Thursday: Out to dinner for Andy’s work Christmas party!!
  • Friday: Salmon and Potato

One of our lovely pumpkins has gone mouldy and we need to eat it soon.  I made pumpkin soup with the last one, so am thinking a pumpkin chili with this one?  Or possibly a savory pumpkin pie (pumpkin and chorizo?

Do you have any favourite pumpkin based recipes?

(Photo is Bath, outside the train station, decked out for Christmas.  I love it.)


  1. It feels like such a luxury to stay up late. I try hard to keep my bedtime, but when I intentionally blow past that (to read a good book, for example, or for a rare binge-watch of a show) can feel really exciting and good. Then I always pay for it of course and eventually have to crash earlier than normal. But it CAN be worth it.

    BMX biking - wow! Sounds fun!!

  2. Its unfortunate when age and responsibilities catch up with us!
    I really like this pumpkin dahl. Very forgiving and easily customisable for what you have on hand.

  3. What book kept you up reading so late? Also, can you share the recipe for the sweet potato and haloumi bake? I am intrigued!

    1. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow - I just got really into it! And my "bake" recipies are also so similar, chop up sweet potato, haloumi, onion... coat with oil and paprika and garlic, cook at 220c (maybe 400f?) for about 30 minutes untill it's all cooked. But also, I tend to overcook or undercook haloumi so I should really follow a real recipe!

  4. A BMX ladies' night. Now you don't hear that too often. Did you have fun?