December 9, 2022

Week in review - Plan on Fridays

This week was BUSY.  

Monday night Andy and I made our holiday card - we gave up on waiting for a family photo and went with:

I couldn't find a "happy holidays" card that I liked enough - I really enjoy "Joyful" layouts they are all a bit to far towards Christmas.  Not in a way British people notice, but in a way Americans definitely would.  

(once my British friend told me that a santa was non-denominational.  He had a point, but also no.)

Tuesday I did Breakfast club AND writing club.  So much social.  You know what I missed a lot in the last two years?  Hanging out indoors with people I really like.

Wednesday I went to the office.  It was gorgeous and icy on the ground and I saw the sun rise out the train window.  I did Circuit Training at lunch with my new team, then invited some colleagues out for drinks, which turned into dinner, which turned into me *almost* missing my train home.  For once, a two minute train delay was substantially in my favor!

(side note: after two drinks I really wanted to talk about plans and making plans and goal setting and that wasn't really a popular topic of conversation)

Thursday andy was out biking in the evening and I finally got an IKEA order done!  We are getting one of these, because we are a cliche.  
We are still contemplating putting both kids in the same room.  It might go terribly.  

(side note: we tried to order this bed back in September but then the queen died and the king came to Cardiff and so the order got canceled because they couldn't deliver in king-traffic.  Living in the UK is sometime too weird.)

Friday Today is a quieter day of normal working from home.  I am very tired and definitely need an early night.  I did mostly manage bedtime before 10 however I'm edging towards staying awake too late reading this book because it's both good and getting better and better: 
I hope you all had a great week!  Did your week go as planned?  


  1. Okay, I have got to put Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow on my hold list at the library. This has pushed me over the edge into admitting I need to read it.

    1. Maybe I'll change my mind when I finish it but right now I just want to keep reading it all the time!

  2. I would LOVE to sit and listen to your detailed plans. And books that make you want to put everything in your life on hold so you can spend all your time reading them are the best. So glad you have one right now!

  3. Your cards are so pretty. I love the "Hello 2023" sentiment... we did something similar!

  4. This is part of the reason I don't read much. I tried it for a while but when the book was engaging, I'd end up staying up way too late reading. In contrast, doing a crossword on my phone (in black and white mode) is a pretty sure way to end up nodding off. - Kat