February 19, 2023

Sunday Thoughts, Plans, & Meal Plans

This was a busy week.  I had two days in London, which was excellent for meeting colleagues and getting to know people better, but was exhausting in its own way.  

Lilah was off nursery all week with Hand Foot and Mouth, a disease I had never heard of in the states but which seems to be the chicken-pox of the UK. Except, unlike chicken pox, there isn't a vaccine I can buy for it.  So she stayed home, spotty and dopey, and we split childcare between Andy, me, and my mom.  Luckily she took 3 hour naps every day which helped for getting work done.

I got back from London at 9pm on Thursday and had arranged a 6:30 am breakfast with a friend on Friday.  This was rather optimistic scheduling on my part.  When I got back home Isaac seemed tired and dopey so both kids and I stayed home, which of course meant all the work trip debrief/unpacking/house sorting was put off until later.

In other optimistic scheduling, we had planned dinner with friends on Friday since we have mom-childcare.  I had offered Friday or Saturday options but our friends picked Friday so off we went.

Quick question, readers... does anyone like doing things on Friday?  Why?  

It was nice to see friends, nice to have dinner, but it did mean we were exhausted on Saturday.  Saturday was a hard day.  I took a nap while Lilah napped.  I complained bitterly about staying up on Friday.  I let time drip through the day and willed it forward to bedtime.

We did get a FLOM in the evening, which was good because next week is another complicated one with Andy away for 2 days, my Uncle visiting from the states, and kids hopefully in nursery but that's always questionable.

I was in bed by 9pm on Saturday and asleep by 9:30, and I already feel soo much better for it.

Maybe I'm just not currently at a place where doing things in the evening is feasible?  Everything just seems so possible with sleep.

Meal Plan next week:

Sunday: Beef Wellington, Potatoes, Broccoli, Carrots

Monday: Ham and Pea soup

Tuesday: Slow cooker pumpkin chili 

Wednesday: Roast veg and haloumi wraps with hummus

Thursday: Vegetarian Curry (ordered)

Tuesday is Pancake Day in the UK!  While the UK has lots of rubbish things like Hand Foot and Mouth, they make up for it with entire days of pancake eating.  Since the kids are off nursery on a Tuesday I think we will do Pancake lunch - British people usually make Crepes but I may do chocolate chip pancakes.  

What is your favourite pancake?  Have you ever hear of Hand Foot and Mouth before?


  1. I have definitely heard of HFM because both my kids have had it! It swept our area years ago (and then again more recently, but my kids didn't get it that time). One child presented with flu-like symptoms, but the other was covered in what looked like chicken pox!

    I love pancakes and it's a food where I have a hard time regulating how many I eat. The kids and I can eat WAY more than my husband. My Dad was always the one who many pancakes when I was growing up and it was a quasi-regular Saturday night supper in my childhood so I have nostalgic memories of this food.

    Last year I made homemade waffles almost every Friday night. I haven't been doing it as much lately, but YUM. I use an oat-flour recipe and they are so filling and delicious!

  2. Pancake holidays! Why don't we have those in the US????

    Yes, in my book the perfect Friday night is ordering a pizza and kicking back with the fam. It's a bit tough for social stuff.

  3. oooh my oldest had HFM when she was two or so. She was/is generally a very healthy kid so this was terrible for us. The worst was all the mouth sores made it hurt to eat. I remember she drank a lot of smoothies.
    Fridays were usually pizza and movie night at home for us, but now the oldest has basketball practice on Fridays so it's kind of just like any other weeknight. When we were young, pre-kids, the Husband and I used to go contra-dancing on Friday nights. But COVID and children happened...