February 3, 2023

February Goals

I had a pretty good January, despite illnesses.  I've made ok-good progress on many of my 2023 goals and especially those I assigned to Q1.  It's easy to get some quick wins with "book doctor appointment" and "order Will pack online".  Despite lots of mental blocks I finally completed my citizenship application in January.  Weirdly, although it seems like the "biggest" application, it was the easiest by far.  The risks are so low - I probably won't get denied, the worst they can do is ask for more info.  Or maybe in theory I could get denied but then I get my money back and I get to keep living here.  I have had really awful experiences with visas in the past, and the UK tried to deport me in 2013 as part of their "reduce immigration for all non EU people" program (Google Amber Rudd Resignation for more info on that one)

So, with some quick wins under my belt, time to look forward to February!


  • January 2023 updates to Kids & Family photo albums
  • Take the kids swimming
  • Celebrate Pancake Day and Valentines Day with the kids
  • Go to a Garden Center and buy some plants
  • Plan an overnight without kids



  • 1 Dinner date with friends
  • 1 couple dinner date with friends
  • Plan friend play date with former colleagues


  • Use next work trip for building professional network
  • Work side-project
  • Ask work to issue new contract to reflect working agreement (legally formalize my current working pattern)


  • Find a new cleaner (done already! Clean Bathrooms! Horray!)
  • Buy new hand mixer
  • Buy larger crock pot
  • Put up wall decal in kids room
  • Mount mirror in office
  • Frame and mount bathroom poster 

Habit Goals

  • Continue food log
  • Continue time log
  • Do physio exercises daily
  • Bedtime prep at 9:15, in bed at 9:30
February Professional Development Book: The Myth of the Nice Girl by Fran Hauser

I'm really looking forward to February this year.  My dad is coming to visit and staying with us, which I am very excited about.  He was supposed to come in July but got Covid instead.  I think visiting us will be more fun than having Covid.  

I have far too many books on the go right now.  The library has started asking people to return books and so I've had to interrupt reading some books I own in favor of reading books I need to return.  I'll either read a lot of books this month, or read most of a lot of books this month.  

Do you have any February goals?  What are you looking forward to this month?


  1. I like having a "Rachel thing" on the list. The weather is so bad here in February that's all too easy to hunker down at home. But I am going to try to get out and do a night with friends and get some museum visits in.

    1. February is generally awful weather here too. Definitely good for going out to dinner but sometimes hard to motivate yourself to leave the house. Museum visits are a good goal!

  2. Ooh, you have some good goals! Blogging 3x a week is a goo done- and Elisabeth is a good person to be inspired by in that respect. I have no idea how she posts so often, when she also has a job and two kids.
    I'm impressed with your 9:30 bedtime. I'm working hard on my sleep this month.
    I'm glad you're looking forward to February, and I hope you have a great visit with your dad!

    1. Don't be too impressed... after finishing blogging I then did a bunch of other random things and didn't get to bed until 10:30... then read till 11. Oops! That's why it's a goal and not a rule.

      Elisabeth also posts really good posts 3x a week... I'm just aiming for any posts. Eventually I'll reduce the frequency of my typos.

  3. I'm so glad you got so many wins this month, despite not always feeling 100%. Way to go. It's so nice to start off the year on the right foot.

  4. This is a great list of goals. I'm impressed by how organized you are. Mine tend to be more along the lines of 'keep everyone fed, do my work, walk the dog, do some laundry sometimes...'