January 30, 2023

January 2023 Goals - Review

Time for a quick review of my January 2023 goals.  It's been a good January, despite illnesses.  Work trips and family trips were a highlight, as well as doing two 5k fun runs and 3 yoga classes.  

  • Finish 2022 Photo Album. 
    • Done! And ordered tonight, as I remembered to check for a coupon and found one for 50% off.
  • Update kids albums for Dec 2022.
    • Done! I felt like it took me ages, but I was finished last week.  The albums are taking longer now that I try to write a bit in them, probably max 1 hour per kid per month.
  • Family trip to Castle or National Trust
    • Not done, although we did walk in a forest?
  • Take family long weekend in Forest of Dean (already booked!). 
    • Done! And it was great!
  • Book Physio Appt.
    • Done! Booked and attended - yay!
  • Get a Massage.
    • Unfortunately had to reschedule, now booked for March
  • Use my 5 class yoga pass before it expires.
    • I'll probably get 4 classes done, but that's 4 more than none. Being ill for a week was not good for this one.
  • Take 1/2 day off for my birthday
    • Not done, but I took a whole day off on the Monday before, and had the Tuesday off, so did not feel short of "me" time.
  • Try to involve friends in other activities
    • Done! I saw lots of people - our holiday even included visits from at least 4 of our friends, including a family sleepover night.  A very social January.
  • Contact potentially helpful career people (1-2) in a casual new year way
    • Fail.  I emailed one person but failed to include a "let's get together for coffee" or any action at all, and she failed to write me back.  I am a bit bummed about it.  I did do well at getting to know my team in my current role better, but I feel I'm at a block in the "networking" field.  Why don't impressive professional women run open applications for ambitious (I hate that word) women to mentor?  Probably for lots of reasons.  I'm just mildly annoyed at myself for not figuring out how to connect with people achieving what I hope to.
  • Plan out my Q1 work goals
    • Nope.  Lots of change in my office now so have decided to keep the goal of "pass probation" - which I did!
  • Think positively about my contribution at my job - work on imposter syndrome (vague but true!).  
    • I think I've done OK on this one?  I have generally avoided convincing myself I'll be fired.
House Goals
  • Get quote for half-bath remodel (i.e. mouldy cold room to tiled functional room)
    • Got a quote.  Very expensive.  I think we'll wait until the summer and then see what we can do about the mould.
  • Buy new kettle
    • Done!  Nice to have an easy win.
Habit Goals
  • Eat 5 fruits and veg a day - 
    • Good until I got ill.  25% success.
  • Keep a food log
    • Done, not sure I'm learning anything but it's fun to track things.
  • Keep a time log
    • Done! And I am loving this one
I also read a lot this month - 8 books.  Updated list here.  I've enjoyed more audiobooks and nonfiction this month.  

How was your January?  Did you accomplish any goals?


  1. I don't set monthly goals, but one of my annual goals every year is to order my photobook and I did that last week. We take so many pictures so this is a huge labour of love (like 40-50 hours, probably; I am NOT even kidding, though just typing it out sounds ridiculous). It was such a great feeling to click Order and cross this off my list.
    I'm working toward some other annual goals, but mostly I've been hunkered down trying to help my son weather some health issues. February - barring any major issues - will see me complete several fun goals, so I'm excited for that.

  2. I'd love some kind of a social networking site to meet other professionals. I try to reach out to people that I've worked with from time to time, but most of the conversations go nowhere. Sigh.

    My January goal was pretty boring. I wanted to take a stab at losing weight and it's going well but geez the process is a snooze. On the plus side the food log that I kept last fall has been very helpful.

    I'd love to hear more about the time log. Is it for work or personal or both? I've always wondered if it would be helpful or horrifying to know how I spend my time.

  3. Got a quote. Very expensive. This is the story of my life right now! I will just live in my house as it crumbles down around me, thank you very much!

  4. You did great, Rachel. Very exciting. But oh, now I read you're also working on imposter syndrome. You know, it's not an item on my list, but a whole separate LIST for me. Haha.