January 28, 2023

Quick Saturday

 Horray! It's Saturday!

This morning I did park run again.  The good thing about doing a 5k just after ones personal worst 5k time is that one usually gets a better time!  I did get a better time.  Today was 36 minutes, as compared to last week's 40 minutes.  I tried to stay at exactly 12 minute miles and mostly just enjoyed being out.  Sure, it feels lame and far above the 10-11 minute miles I used to breeze through, but it's been a long time since I did running.  It's mostly fun to be out.  I listened to hamilton and saw two friends I hadn't seen for ages. 

Runners lined up at the start of a very cold parkrun

We have had 3 nights of reverse lie-ins and I am very into this early bedtime thing.  I could do it forever as long as I didn't have any evening social engagements ever again.  I still slept till 7am today, so I think I just need sleep right now.

This afternoon was birthday lunch at a greek restaurant.  I love greek food.  Why do I not eat/cook more greek food?

Andy and the kids managed a small amount of gardening.  He took down a poorly placed pear tree, which was sad for the tree but happy for the summer usability of our garden

He did have a grumpy looking helper.

Andy is making Lamb curry for dinner.  The kids are mildly fractious. My 10 minutes of interrupted writing is now over.


  1. Yum. All the food talk is making me hungry.
    I LOVE her outfit. Too cute; and if those are Croc brand boots, we have the same ones. I love the bright yellow colour and wish I owned a pair in my size!

  2. Hooray for another successful 5k! :) I am glad you felt better about this one... it can only go up :)

    Greek food is amazing. I don't eat it often enough either.