January 8, 2023

Sunday Sports and Social Club... and Llanishen Parkrun 5k

I like hitting the new year resolutions with middling intensity.  I managed to do some form of exercise three times this week, which counts as a habit:

Monday: Beach with family friends.  Outside ✓ 

Tuesday: Lunch time walk.  Hot yoga with sports buddy. Outside ✓ Sports 

Wednesday: Lunch time walk.   Outside 

Thursday: Lunch time walk. Barre3 & StretchingOutside ✓ Sports 

Friday: Lunch time walk. Outside 

Saturday: Parkrun 5k. Outside ✓ Sports 

Sunday: Lunch time walk.  Outside 

Parkrun is an awesome free weekly 5K hosted around the world but majorly in the UK.  Last year a new Parkrun started by our house, only a 10 minute walk away. 

It turns out, I have not only retuned to pre-baby fitness, I am actually at "pre-any exercise at all levels" of fitness.  This is the second Parkrun I've done since Lilah was born.  The weather was awful, heavy rain before, ankle deep mud mid course... but still, I've never been this slow in my adult life:

Another telling factor for my current lack of fitness is heart rate... I managed to stay at 175 for the entire 39 minutes.  I'm fairly sure that my Garmin said I was in zone 6?  Is there a zone 6?  I did wonder if my heart was going to explode, which would be a real bummer. It did not.  But still, this seems excessive:

Parkrun keeps all the results for each runner, which means I can see my times since my first ever 5k.  Here's 10 years of results (thanks internet!)

Apparently, I like to do a Parkrun in January. Also apparently, I did Parkrun 3 months postpartum with Isaac.  This is ridiculous not because of the postpartum-ness, but because of the fact that Isaac didn't' sleep at all (well, he didn't sleep more than 2 hours in one go) until he was 6 months old, which means I didn't sleep at all, which means how did I do anything at all.  Apparently, I have always been nuts.


  1. January is a great month for a 5k and there's no where to go but up from "pre anything at all" fitness. It sounds like a day when your body just didn't want to run or your Garmin wasn't reading right. And yet you got out there and got it done!

  2. I think it's fantastic that you got out there!! Don't beat yourself up - you need to start somewhere again. And you finished! Great work!!

  3. I would guess that you ran that year to get a little 'me time', at least for a half hour. When you and baby are not sleeping, that time becomes even more precious! I'm surprised you didn't stretch it out into an hour 'run'. ;)