January 27, 2023

On Birthdays and Normal Days and Sleep Days

Wednesday was my birthday, and I am now a yearly cycle closer to being 40.  Horray! Weirdly, I do not see 40 as being some weird cut off for being "old" the way it once was.  For me, 40 sounds great.  

If 0-20 is basically childhood, and 20+ is when adulting starts, then I am really in the middle of my adulting groove right now.  I didn't particularly enjoy being early 20s.  Life got good at 30.  If this is a trajectory then 40-50 should be awesome. 

So I am perfectly resigned to 40 being around the corner, and still being of an age of cool.  It's not like turning 60...? or 70?  70 is old.

On my birthday, Isaac said that we should weight me so we can see how I get bigger and bigger each year.  So right little dude.  

My actual birthday was spent in work, because sometimes the continual accomplishment of small tasks is a nice place to be.  I know I'm supposed to think big picture and do things for me... but I already had two days off for our holiday so wasn't super keen to use up more leave in January.  I will take a "me" day in March, at the end of Q1.

For my birthday, Andy and I are doing 5 nights of reverse lie-ins.  This is where you go to bed really early.  We are on day 2. It's a somewhat fun experiment to try and be in bed by 8:30.  It's so easy to let a 9:30 bedtime slip to 10 or 10:30, and so much harder to move it back to 8:30.  

This morning I woke up at 4am and decided it was time to get up.  Hopefully this means I am catching up on sleep debt? 

Here are some good things:

  • I am happy it's Friday, and a short day in work.  Time to plan February fun.
  • Tomorrow I may do park run in very cold weather.
  • Meal plan for the week has gone well and tonight it's spaghetti hoop fish bake which looks super ridiculous
And here is my little-nerd.  Kid are funny:


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it's memorable and downright fun <3

  2. Happy Birthday! I remember how when I was a kid that 40 was "old". Now it just means that you're a real adult.

    I like the reverse lie in! When I was single I always stayed up too late, and then once I met my husband and became a stepmom, there were many nights when we'd have the lights off by 10 and it was so nice. Now that the kids go to bed later than we do, our bedtime is closer to 10:30-11. I miss the extra sleep.

    1. I am more afraid of the "kid stay up late" phase than I am looking forward to the "kids generally sleep through the night" phase!

  3. I just read a book with the following quote from the perspective of a 15 yo: A pity he was so old. Nine and thirty at least, I thought.

    Old. Ancient. Should probably just give up and spend the rest of your life in bed.

    I imagine to a 90 yo, 70 seems young!

    1. haha! When I was 28 I went to Morocco. Some moroccan boys were sort of hitting on me (I had a boyfriend at the time and was not interested) and when he asked how old I was he got very quiet. About an hour later he said "When you tell me you are 28, I become so scared, because you are so old. But now I think it is OK".

      I will cherish that line forever.

  4. Your kiddo is so cute!!

    Happy belated birthday! I love your reverse lie-in idea. I don't think I could ever get my husband to try it with me, though. He is too much of a night owl!

  5. Happiest (belated) birthday to you.
    Being in bed by. 8.30 sounds so strange to me. It is about the time I start thinking about what to make for dinner.
    But I admit being on business trips I am in bed by this time and enjoy it immensely.

  6. Happy birthday! And from someone on the other side of 40 (how did that happen???), I can tell you: it's all good :)

  7. So 70 is old? Great. I have 35 days before I am officially old.