February 28, 2023

Goodbye February - that was fast! (February Goals Review)

This was a busy February! Highlights included a visit from my dad (postponed from July) and a visit from my Uncle. I went to London with work and celebrated Valentines day AND Pancake day. I didn't do much sport, but I also didn't get ill, and overall this has been one of the better Februarys of recent memory.

But how about those goals...?

  • January 2023 updates to Kids & Family photo albums (done)
  • Take the kids swimming (Done - Lilah loved it!)
  • Celebrate Pancake Day and Valentines Day with the kids (Done - I made breakfast pancakes for the kids and Valentines day included a totally OTT delivery of my favourite cakes from my favourite bakery)
  • Go to a Garden Center and buy some plants (Done! We bought a new tree, which we shoved into our small hatchback with 3 adults and 2 children)
  • Plan an overnight without kids (Decided I didn't feel like planning. So we are planning a "something" for this weekend, but making Andy help with the plans)
  • Do Yoga 3x (nope)
  • Do a Parkrun 5k (yes! 38 minutes. I used to be a steady 32 so I am trying to be nice to myself when I am basically doing a parkrun at walking speed)
  • Blog 3x a week (I wrote 11 blog posts this month, so technically 2.75 posts a week done)
  • 1 "Rachel thing" TBC (I had a great bath after going mountain biking, so that's probably 2 things)
  • 1 Dinner date with friends (Nope! I think the double visitor precluded dinners a bit)
  • 1 couple dinner date with friends (Yes! I left the house on a Friday. It was hard but great to see them)
  • Plan friend play date with former colleagues (I planned a dinner date with them - on Thursday. Yay)
  • Use next work trip for building professional network (Not really. It was half term, but I did meet with lots of people and get good feedback.)
  • Work side-project (Did not do. Maybe not worth doing?)
  • Ask work to issue new contract to reflect working agreement (legally formalize my current working pattern) (Done - Made the ask)

  • Find a new cleaner (yes! Someone else cleans our bathrooms and hoovers the house and it's the best £30 ever)
  • Buy new hand mixer (done!)
  • Buy larger crock pot (done!)
  • Put up wall decal in kids room (Not done aahhhh I've had this decal for 6 months)
  • Mount mirror in office (not done. This is mostly me hassling Andy to drill holes, which he hates doing.)
  • Frame and mount bathroom poster (Not done. I love this poster though).

Habit Goals
  • Continue food log (nope, not even sure when/why I stopped)
  • Continue time log (yes! Longest streak of time logging for me)
  • Do physio exercises daily (did not do. Will aim to do more next month)
  • Bedtime prep at 9:15, in bed at 9:30 (50%. Many late nights (ie 10 or 11) with guests. But still slept an average of 7.9 hours per day.)
My professional development book last month was Myth of the Nice Girl.  Review to come.  I had another great reading month, finishing 7 books in February.

How was your February? Did it go by really fast? Did you have any February goals?


  1. Those cakes are amazing, and that poster is horrifying. And hilarious.

    I fell off the yoga wagon. My goal was to do it most work days, since I sit all day at a desk for work, and it helps my back if I start my day with yoga. For some reason I took about 10 days off and woke up with a very angry back the other day. Back on the wagon, did my yoga yesterday and today, and also took some acetaminophen, and it is feeling mostly better right now.

  2. I think because it was kind of a crappy weather month, I did actually accomplish most of my "inside" goals. I do have to start leaving the house, though!

  3. Nice work on the goals! I have a lot of tasks and some of the daily ones I end up just writing off (like pushups) more and more lately. I used to be a lot better at those repetitive ones but lately my motivation has been blah! I need to light a fire under my own self and get some of those less exciting ones (mop the floor) done in one go, because they really don't take that long; I just don't want to do them!