February 7, 2023

Tuesday - Meals Plans and Toddler Time

How is it already February 7th?  This month feels like it's rushing by, which is probably good (because Feb, yuck!) but also... I'm enjoying this Feb.  We are having sunny cold weather, but it's warming up to 8c/47f.   Normal February is Wales is basically a rainbowless version of the great flood. 

My dad arrived on Saturday and this morning we all visited toddler Gymnastics.  Toddler Gymnastics is the best - a full gymnastics gym taken over by toddlers.  Isaac and Lilah both loved the foam pit.  Isaac also liked the balance beam.  

Since my dad is visiting we have a slightly better than average meal plan for the week.

Sunday: Roast chicken dinner with potatoes, carrots, parsnips and broccoli

Monday: Jacket Potatoes with chopped chicken salad (FYI Trader Joe's Pickle Seasoning is the secret ingredient to every salad.)

Tuesday: Chicken Tacos!

Wednesday: Vegetarian Lasagne from cook (premade food delivery)

Thursday: Chicken Shwarma with tahini yogurt sauce

Friday: Indian from cook

Saturday: family bring and share (or potluck, as we call it in The States [and Canada too?])

I should probably make something British like bubble and squeak or toad in the hole or faggots and gravy (fyi, I have never eaten this as it sounds awful).  

Actually, toad in the hole is delicious.  I should make toad in the hole.

In other news, I've had some quick wins on my February list with the purchase of a new crock pot (6.5 liters, because the family is too hungry) and hand mixer (which arrived today and now I want to make a cake).  I also found some crumpets shaped like hearts on super discount at M&S which will make a great Valentines day breakfast from the freezer. 


  1. I was at a local grocery story the other day and saw a can of "mushy peas" in the international cuisine section. We have close friends that moved to Canada from the UK and they make homemade mushy peas, but I had no idea you could get them in a can that way (I smiled at my discovery, but didn't buy any)!

  2. Note to self: get pickle seasoning the next time I am at TJ's.

    This is the first time I've ever heard of faggots and gravy and hopefully it will be the last because, er, yes it does sound awful. But I'd be down to try toad in the hole!

  3. Oh, Isaac, I would hug that foam pit, too. Glorious.