February 26, 2023

Weekend Warrior - Sunday Edition (& Meal Plan)

 Currently writing from the sofa where sun is streaming through the window.  This morning I went mountain biking with my friend who had never mountain biked before and she was amazing and I had the best time.  I need more sun and more mountain biking friends.

Yesterday I did an abundantly slow parkrun at 38 minutes for a 5k.  I know that doing 1 parkrun a month is probably not enough to improve, and doing exercise once a week is not enough to improve either, but I wish I felt at least marginally better when running while not ill and not tired.

I was very tired post-parkrun, which also seems odd given how it was basically park-walk.

On Friday I listened to this episode of Deep Questions and I've decided I need to be much better about my remote work discipline.  So often I find myself in the almost meditative state of replying to emails, sending teams messages, fininshing one random thing from my inbox.  I know that this isn't efficient but I love the tiny series of accomplishments I get from the bits and bobs. BUT, no one is going to promote me because I responded quickly or wrote 60 emails in a day.  

I need to be a lot better about big picture. 

And, I need to be better about using remote work to my advantage. I'm already quite flexible with kid-chaos, but the fact that I can carve three hours out of a workday to watch kids means I should be able to carve 40 minutes to go for a run.

Next week I've got Yoga on Monday and dinner with some former colleagues on Wednesday, hopefully writing club on Thursday.

Yes, all of this is going to make my 9:15 bedtime tricky.  Maybe sleeping 10-6 is fine too.  Or 10:30-6:30.  

Our Meal plan is less than exciting this week:

Monday: Bean Stew (Andy)
Tuesday: Tacos
Wednesday: Lasagna (this is ambitious, it may just be pasta) 
Thursday: Out with friends, Andy is making Potatoes for the kids
Friday: Grandma cooks dinner (Salmon?)

What's on your meal plan this week?  How has your February been for sports?

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  1. I need more mountain biking friends too! I actually just started mountain biking and so have not even established anything - I don't know where to go, or how to do things and it is very fun learning as I go, but I could definitely use some advice from time to time! I went bikepacking a couple of weekends ago and had a blast but there are some things I wonder about, like...what is that noise? Is that my brakes? Should I do something? :)

    Last weekend I went backpacking with a friend. Our plan had been to go snowshoeing but we got hit hard with snow over the last few days and so we decided to rein it in and go to a "warmer" place for some backpacking. Turns out, it snowed there too and it was not warm! But we had a great time and it was good to get outside, as always.